Saturday, November 27, 2010

Well I still have Money to Spend

You may remember my blog earlier this week about my negative experience while trying to buy a Lego Advent Calendar for the little one. When I wrote the blog I linked it to Chapters/Indigo customer service as I thought they should know.

My expectation from Chapters was nothing. I didn't think they would read the blog and if by chance they did I thought I would get a form email apologizing and promising they would look into it.
What actually happened was surprising and has made me a loyal customer. Might even buy a 'I Reward' card that is how impressed I am with the customer service.

As you know Sean Bonnell commented on the blog asking me to email him. Which I did and we corresponded through email. Thursday evening (as I was getting ready to pick the teenager up from work) my blackberry beeped. As a faithful crackberry addict I checked my email. The email was from Mr. Bonnell informing me that the Lego Advent Calendar I was looking for had just arrived at the Chapters store in my area. I decided to let the teenager wait and went to Chapters. True to his word they had the toy waiting for me at the cash desk and was free of charge to me. (WOW!) The manager also came to me and apologized on behalf of the store. She then also gave me a $25.00 gift card to use for a future time. DOUBLE WOW!!

Chapters/Indigo Thank You for your gift. I was not expecting anything and would of been happy with just being able to get the calender for my ten year old. As I think this is our last year of little girl Christmas.

Of course I was late picking up the teenager when I explained where I was she was also impressed (that is a big compliment Chapters). She then promptly went through the bag and confiscated my gift card.

I have one more note to write to customer service.

Dear Mr. Bonnell,

How do I keep my ten year old daughter ten and not wanting to be 16. And what is the best way to deal with her older sister who is planning on Facebook with her friends the big drunk bash she is going to have when she becomes 'legal'. I have been considering letting her get smashed (bad Mommy) cause I thought while she was passed out it would be a prime time to go through her wallet and try and get my gift card back. What do you think?

Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping All,


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  1. We are big Chapters fans, as a matter of fact my daughter can't wait until tomorrow because one of her favourite books is comming out so I will be at Chapters first thing after school. After your post, I must say that I like Chapters even better now.