Friday, November 5, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) This week did fly by. I started my new shift at work. Well actually, the shift time remains the same, it's the job description that's changed. I'm now working at the customer service counter. I get to serve all sorts of customers in all sorts of moods. Oh joy!!! (Sunshine) Not a bad week, but I was looking forward to having Wednesday off because half of the students were not at school but the day was given to one of the other employees instead. She ended up having a great day off with her husband so it all worked out. I was actually hoping to have it off and go over and help Carolin for the day, Sorry Carolin!!!!!!!

I was speaking with Sunshine this week. She's a busy, busy lady. I wonder if she was successful in finding the girl's dresses. I hope so. All done. It was a little stressful, but very successful. My husband's youngest brother is getting married in two weeks and I was assigned the task to find two matching flower girl dresses and shoes in such a short time. The task is complete. Now my mother in law is altering them. She is so busy with this wedding but she said that she would love to alter them.

Carolin is super busy, pray continually for her and that her business will smooth out soon. My busy-ness is over for now. I did the food for a School conference of just over 400 people. It went well in the sense that I now know I can do it. I was in charge of a snack table (coffee, water, juice, fresh muffins, cookies etc). A private lunch for 70 people and then we were open for business with different hot food specials. The first day was very busy getting everything ready and we got everything done and on time. But, unfortunately we had very little sales. The second day also went well and we had better sales. So it was disappointing that our window sales were not great. But it was encouraging that I was able to coordinate everything and I had all the bases covered. The different food dishes we did sell we got great compliments and now I have a baseline for next year. Great job Carolin, I always knew that you could do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louise and I are playing phone tag this week. I hope we hear from her soon and that all is well.
I hope that Louise and her family are doing well.

Hey ladies, I received a call from the library that our next book club book is in. Are we going to read and then review or do you wish to do a weekly breakdown? Carolin chose a great book for us. It's by a proven author, Debbie Macomber. The title is: "The Perfect Christmas." I am looking forward to reading this book. I have already read many of her books and I have enjoyed them all. I have my copy, I forgot that was the book club book. Not to worry, I haven't started to read it. I am in the middle of, "The secret Daughter." Which when I am not falling asleep, I very much enjoy. Hello, where is my copy????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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