Friday, December 3, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) TGIF! Well, not really. This means that my week of staycation is almost over. It's been a good week though. My Christmas shopping is done. My Christmas Cards are written and addressed. I have baked my "frou frou" cookies for our cookie exchange. When is it anyway? For now the cookies are hidden away in the freezer. What the heck is a "frou frou" cookie. Doesn't sound yummy :(. Just wait. It's not a bar will like them! (Sunshine) How does the evening of Thursday December 23rd sound for our cookie exchange? Cathy you are so far a head of me. I am not even close to sending out my Christmas cards yet and I have yet to buy one gift.
(Carolin) It has been a busy week, my Christmas shopping, not done, Christmas cards done but no letter yet. nothing baked, and I am afraid to look in my freezer for what I might find hidden in there.
Last Sunday, the first Sunday in Advent, my mom, aunts, sister and cousins all got together for our annual Christmas Pudding making, (or baking). We all soak our fruit separately. We get together early Sunday morning and mix it all together in a HUGE tub. It's always fun to taste the raw pudding as everyone has an opinion on whether or not it needs a touch of spice, or lime. We always agree that it needs more rum! After the traditional three stirs and a wish we divide the batter into tins and settle in for an all day bake. Every year it tastes great! I am so sorry that I missed the wish and the stir this year but thanks so much for including us over the phone.

This coming Saturday is our annual Family Christmas Party. It's always held on the first Saturday in December. This makes it easy for all to remember. It's a chance for all of the extended family, and we are many, to get together and share before the Christmas rush starts.

Before the rush starts? First Saturday in December is the annual Bethlehem Breakfast at the school the little one goes to. I have been organizing this event for 11 years now. It is done and I am exhausted. Things should be a little calmer now. This past week I catered a diner for 25, cooked 13 turkeys for a seniors dinner, cooked 200 hamburgers yesterday for lunch, organized, set up and cooked breakfast for 225 this morning. Of course doing this while trying to run a business. I am pooped and looking forward to the break. When is your break? Have you heard from Sunshine? Sorry ladies I had actually started blogging this weekend and then the stomach flu hit me and I spent the rest of the weekend in bed. I seem to have had this flu on and off for the last six months or so. I am not sure what is going on but I do feel better today. Also I somehow managed to twist my knee and it was feeling much better until I re injured it during the week. So I was a limping, vomiting, dizzy mess. I want so badly to feel good for a change.

Sorry Cathy, but somehow I manged to delete some of what you have posted. I think I had it on insert and didn't notice until I got to this line.
I am not sure what you were talking about here, please let me know.
versary is the next day so I was hoping that Friday would be good for you. Let me know. (Carolin)The 17th is good with us.

Well, it's now Monday. It was a busy weekend. I guess Sunshine was too busy this weekend so I'll post this now and we will look forward to catching up this Friday.

Hope all is well with everyone!

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  1. hey Sunshine!
    I think what was deleted was the line asking if the 17th of December was ok for a night out at Tracks. It's ok with Carolin and us. I know your anniversary is the next day so was hoping the Friday would be good. As for the 23rd, I'll let you know. Hope you feel lots better really, really soon!