Friday, November 19, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

Well, I see Cathy has been at it again. She doesn't seem to have much to catch up on. Another blank screen. Does she not know we feed off her ramblings. What am I to chatter about now?
(Sunshine) Carolin you are on a roll today, you keep making me laugh out loud.
So Sunshine how is the wedding organizing coming along? My brother in law's wedding is tomorrow. Little Miss Sunshine is one of the flower girls and Miss Teen Sunshine is going to sing a song for the bride and groom. She also has another job according to the message that we got when we arrived home only the message was cut off and we can't seem to reach anyone so we really don't know what they need her to do that is so special.
I am starting to feel the stress of the next two weeks. I have 15 gingerbread houses to put together, cater a dinner for next Thursday night for 50 and then cater another dinner for a Christmas function at the church affiliated with the school (I work at) that's a more formal dinner and is for 30 people. Organize the gingerbread decorating for next Monday night after school. I have 15 teachers coming to decorate them. Make(what do you mean make)? and distribute 300 plus hamburgers for next Friday, decorate (I didn't know that you are a decorator now too). the gym Friday after school. Go to some Christmas play thing with the family that same night. Then get up at the crack of dawn and make a full breakfast for 300 on the Saturday morning. I am once again losing it! I need to spend the Christmas break practising the word NO! Mind you I will do that while shopping, making cookies, and cooking Christmas dinner for 30 of my closest family. :( (what time should we be there)? Is that the Bethlehem breakfast? Can any of the people you hired help you with any of this? I am starting to get the rushed feeling myself. I looked at the calender and realized that every weekend between now and Christmas is booked up! How does this happen. Also, each event I have to prepare something. It doesn't sound hard when you book all of this stuff, however it does start to snowball and I am already having thoughts of wishing it was already done and over with. These are not the thoughts I wish during the Christmas season. I like Christmas and all of it's frills. I have no problem with giving. I just need to remember to give myself some time or I am no good to anyone. Carolin, what is going on? Why are you taking on so much? Remember that Christmas Break is now 20 working days away. That is what keeps me going during all of the chaos at work. Work seems to be filled with so much drama. I work for a real control type personality and she is very particular and can't say a positive word even if she tries unless of coarse it happens to be about herself. She is very good at giving herself compliment after compliment. She does it so often that she is perfect at it. That's funny!
Enough of my whining, how is the dinner plans coming along Cathy got a date yet? The husband is going to be on steady days for the winter so that gives our house a little more flexibility. I am thinking our best choice would be a Friday night. What is good for you ladies? A Friday evening sounds great I just have to pin down Mr Sunshine who I have not seen for a week now. Maybe I will get a chance to talk to him at the wedding tomorrow. Make sure you share a dance together.

How about the Christmas cookie exchange. Do you ladies want to continue our tradition. Please let me know so that I can arrange it. I'm in! I have already picked my cookie recipe. Well actually, my mom was looking through some of her older cookbooks and found a neat "frou frou" cookie recipe.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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