Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Book Review: The Perfect Christmas

"The Perfect Christmas"
by: Debbie Macomber

(Cathy) This book was our third group read. I must admit I was looking forward to it. I have enjoyed Debbie Macomber's books in the past. It is a very quick read. It only took one hour. It only has 232 pages. I have no reason not to recommend this book, however, I didn't find it to be like her other books. It was such a simple book. I think that's the kindest way to describe it. I like reading books which challenge my brain with character development and plot twists and this book had none of that. I found I knew the story from the first page and as much as I wished for a twist it was not to come. Again, there is nothing really wrong with this book, just a quick simple read. Nothing more, nothing less.
(Carolin)Firstly let me say how much of a LOSER I am. I am the one who picked the book. I too have read many Debbie Macomber's books. I always find the same thing, that they are hard to get into then once you get to know the characters you end up enjoying it. I have read many of her Christmas romances. They are light bits of fluff but I think that is the point of them. They are to entertain and make you feel good.
So last week I noticed that Sunshine had already read her book. So I thought to myself I better get cracking and read it. But I was in the middle of another Macomber Christmas book and wanted to finish that first. So that was done on the weekend and then I noticed I didn't have the book after all, it was still at the library! So I started another Macomber Christmas book. I went to the library on Monday and picked up the book but of course I couldn't start to read it cause I had to finish the other book. So last night after getting Cathy's email I went into panic mood and started to read the book.

Only to discover that I had already read it a few weeks ago!!!! What a loser :( (ha, ha, ha! that's funny. It just goes to show that you're working too hard!!!) (Sunshine) I have had a few good laughs this week but this one topped them all!
So what do you want to discuss? It was as Cathy said, a light read, I found it a bit better than some of her other Christmas plots. Really, you are killing me Carolin. I was so bored. Yes, it was all predictable but I think that is what the reader wants. For a Christmas romance we want light candy that makes us feel good. I think Cathy if you want something more serious then read Patrica Cornwell's http://www.patriciacornwell.com/latest The Scarpetta Factor http://www.patriciacornwell.com/books-novellas/the-scarpetta-factor/synopsis/. It takes place during the holiday season and there is nothing light and fluffy about it.
I initially enjoyed the premise of the book but it was so predictable that I had to hurry up and read it just to find out that there was no twist at the end. It was very light hearted and considering our busy schedules, I guess it's just what the doctor ordered. I don't think that I would recommend it because quite frankly I would say spend your time on a book that has a little more depth. However, because we are reading our books together, it doesn't really matter what the books are because the fun of it is being a part of the book club and discussing it later, good or bad. I can actually picture the girl's faces and start to anticipate their comments when I read the books so that makes it a fun adventure.

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