Sunday, April 1, 2012

Catch up Fridays

(Sunshine) Yeah, the weekend is finally here. Its been busy as usual. The weather has been hot, cold and colder. I am finally catching up with my family whom I have not seen since the wedding. I am so looking forward to seeing them this weekend. Last weekend was my niece's first birthday and for the first time ever, I actually missed it all because of work. Weekend work can really stink sometimes. This weekend we have Little Miss Sunshine's birthday and next weekend is Easter and my nephew's birthday. (Carolin)Its a busy time for birthdays. We don't celebrate birthdays with the same enthusiasm in our family. It is much more low key, usually just the four of us.
The little one has a busy few weeks coming up as she has her normal school and massive amounts of homework. We are also having her tested over the next three weeks for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). I talked to her about her willingness to take medication if she was diagnosed with ADD. We talked about what the medication would do and some of the side effects. She said she wants to try it. The last few weeks she has been begging for the pill to help her concentrate. I think she thinks it will be a miracle drug. I bought some multi-vitamins and plan to start giving her on Monday. I am curious if the placebo makes any difference to her. (Cathy) First off, Happy birthday to Little Miss Sunshine! Secondly, Carolin, my nephew also has a bit of "something" disorder. He is ten now and aware of his inability to focus. He asked for the medicine as he was starting to have issues with his confidence. My sister and brother in law put him on the lowest dose over the past Christmas Holidays. He takes one pill in the morning as the effect is about six to eight hours. They did not tell the teacher. After a few weeks they had an interview with his teacher who was amazed at the difference! My nephew can now work independently and is more focused and calm. He is so much happier now and is starting to make and keep friends! When my sister told the teacher about the medication the teacher understood and was happy for my nephew. Hubby and I have also seen a huge change in our nephew. As much as we are "anti" all of the ADD labeling and medicating, in this case it has had a positive outcome. Good Luck. 

How is everyone doing?
Cathy, what's the update on your arm? I started physio last week and I go for a neck x-ray and shoulder ultra sound this coming Wednesday. I am now on Tylenol 2 and one of those at a time does nothing for me, however, I cannot take two as they make me too wonky!!! I cannot move my arm, it's worse and I am in too much pain and grumpy!!! 
Carolin, what's new and how was your vacation? The vacation was nice and relaxing. The pictures looked great!
Is anyone into the new Hunger Games Series? My oldest says that it is her second favourite series ever. My little one has no interest but now that all of her friends are reading the books and gone to see the movies, I think that she may be reading the first book soon. I was thinking that I may even read it myself. It has been all the talk the past few weeks. I have never read the book but the kids at school (girls) say it is "Sooooo Goood". The Teenager who is not a teenager anymore (TWINATA)(perfect!!) saw the movie and loved it. She said she cried (at one point sobbing like a baby) and she never cries at movies. She said she might even read the book now that University is done (except for exams). I bought her the book for Easter and might even read it when she is done. The little one has shown no interest and I am good with that. The TWINATA did not recommend the movie for the little one not because of the effects or that it would  be too scary but because she felt it would be too emotional. She said it was tough watching children fight each other till the death. I think the concept is creepy but I have never read the book so I will hold my judgement for now.

The concept for this book reminds me a bit of a story we had to read in school called, "The Lottery". That story "creeped me out", too! I have yet to decide if I will read the series. 

Have a great weekend!!!!

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