Thursday, April 12, 2012

Keeping in Touch

(Cathy) Hi all, I hope everyone enjoyed Easter! I chose to change the title of our weekly post. It is getting harder to post on Fridays as we all are busy with our lives. The whole point of "Catch Up Fridays" is so that we Ladies can keep in touch. It's been about eight years since we started the exodus out of our original neighbourhood where we all met and became good friends. It is so very easy to keep in touch with, and see people when they are present in your daily life. As time passes it gets harder and harder to pick up that phone or to get in the car and drive over to visit. It gets even harder to find an actual date where everyone is free so that we can get together and catch up. Our blog started with a purpose. It was a way to keep busy and as three of the four of us had jobs (I think it was only you working so would be 1 out of 4 had jobs),(oops, thanks for catching that). it was a way to connect with people and get back to work. It has worked! This is a good thing. We are all now working and herein lies the consequence. We are so tired after a days work and then to come home to the "house work" which in turn leaves us all too brain tired to get on the computer and blog. Vicious cycle! I look forward to catching up with "the Ladies" every week. It really helps me to stay in touch with them. I love reading about the ups and downs in our lives and it helps me to feel "connected".Ladies, thank-you for being who you are! I love you all and look forward to continuing on our lives journey together.Have a great week everyone!!!

Happy Easter All (Carolin) It has been a busy weekend but also an enjoyable weekend. We spent time with family which is nice. Traditionally Easter is not a time we spend with extended family. I don't know why but it just hasn't been. My Mom and some of her brothers and sisters will get together but we have never joined them. This year with my brother and his wife getting ready to move back to BC in a few weeks I felt the desire to be with them. So on Good Friday we decided to change our plans with Sunshine and her family for fish and chips and had dinner with some of mine. After dinner the TWINAT went out to a bar and partied with some of the more adventurous family members. She said she had a good time and enjoyed confusing the guys hitting on them when she would say she was with her second cousin (who is three years older then her) and her Aunt (also three years older) and Uncle (seven years older).

On Easter Sunday we went and watched a parade in Toronto's Beaches area. It was a parade and was OK (not big on the parade thing) but then went out for dinner with family again. So all in all it was a good weekend.

The little one seems to enjoy her Easter gift of One Direction (British boy band) CD and the TWINAT likes hers (but has not opened yet) a bottle of Rum. Yes, I am a cool mom when I want to be.
(sunshine) Happy Easter. I am sorry that Good Friday did not work out for all of us. This Easter weekend has been quiet as we were all sick with a nasty flu. Its been a week and we are still not back to par. Cathy, it was nice to hear you talk about old times and it was great and we all miss it very much. I am still planning on coming over to see you one day soon. Carolin, it sounds like you had a great time with your family. I am happy that you had a chance to spend time with them. I miss you both very much and I hope that we can get together soon. Cathy, the new post title is perfect.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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