Friday, April 20, 2012

Keeping in Touch

(Sunshine) Hello everyone. I have had a busy week, working and home and everything else. It's been great weather and spring is in the air. I am getting excited about the summer fast approaching. I hope that its a good, warm, long summer. (Carolin) Yes it really isn't much longer and another school year will be complete. I am looking forward to the summer and relaxing.
Well, I did it. I have been contemplating the big deactivation for over a month and this past Monday I finally did it. Yes, I deactivated my Facebook account! So it seems when you deactivate the account it actually doesn't go away, it is just suspended. I can activate it again when ever I want but I would really like to go at least two weeks without it. I will reassess the situation again in May. I was getting tired of the petty dramas and childishness of some. I would have really liked to delete some of the FB friends and family but figured it would cause more drama then was necessary. It was easier to just remove myself from the equation. At this point I have had one text asking why I am not on FB but know one else has asked me which means either they haven't noticed, care or are talking behind my back. Which in all cases I really don't care anymore.

Work is work, the TWINAT has finished her second year of university. She wrote her last exam last Friday and has a couple of weeks off before she starts her full time summer job with the city's Parks and Works department. She is fortunate as her part time Job at the book store (which she very much enjoys) had agreed to reduce her hours over the summer so she can take advantage of the full time work.

(Cathy) Carolin, I know what you mean about Facebook. Facebook is a lot of work! I can go a week without logging on and when I go back it's full of those game updates. I really do not care to read about them. I like Facebook because I can keep in touch with family and friends. I do not like "friending" people with whom I really do not want to keep in touch. I do feel bad ignoring the occasional "friend request", especially with people I have not seen or had contact with. I have yet to change to the new "timeline". Good luck!

Arm update: no change. I see the doctor again this week to arrange for a MRI. I have no idea when that will happen. Physio hurts. I am longing to garden. 

That aside, the boys turned 18 and 16 years old this past weekend. Wow! Time flies! 

How is everyone doing? Have a great week!

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