Friday, March 11, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

I just read Angie's post from her blog, "Linen and Verbena" and her thoughts echo mine. It is high time we stop destroying our planet. Our prayers go out to all who are affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan this morning. The reporters are claiming that this earthquake is the fifth strongest one on the planet, ever! God is speaking to us and we need to start listening. It seems to be a never ending reporting of natural disasters these days and they seem to be escalating in power and destruction. Maybe this is a natural cycle for our planet, maybe not. We are living on an overpopulated, polluted, selfish planet and something has to give. I hope and pray that the turn around will happen soon so we can start to celebrate the joys instead of mourning the losses.

(Carolin) Not sure if I agree with you Cathy. Humans know that there are earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, tornadoes etc. But we still decide to take the risk and build our lives in areas that are of high risk. I think we just like the thrill of playing Russian roulette with nature. I believe God is a God of Love. I don't believe he spins the globe and where ever his fingers land that day is where he spreads his wrath. I relate it to our kids; we can tell them not to play on the road they might get hit by a car. 99 times out of a hundred they are fine but eventually they will get hit. If you decide to live on a coastline by a fault line eventually you will be hit. True enough, I do still believe however, that we still do too much damage to this planet. We drill and mine and change water flow with dams and basically upset the natural flow. Is what we do huge enough to incite 'natural disasters'? Maybe not. What we do is probably akin to a bug bite. When earthquakes occur we are horrified at the loss of life and rightfully so. The plates of earth that we live on are constantly in motion and we were all taught that at one time all of the continents were together to make one mass of land. As things cycle it's possible that the continents will one day be together again.

On a lighter note: Its March Break!!!!!! Two weeks of no school, no after school activities, no work. Well I will do some work but the best thing is NO ALARM CLOCK!!! My vacation is over and I will be back at work Sunday at 6:30am. I also remembered that we put the clocks ahead one hour. I will miss that hour of sleep!

I have a very serious question to ask all the bloggers out there: How come when I wax the upper lip, chin etc (gross I know). The wax rips my skin off but the hair is still on my face. So now I have a red scabby hair face. How is this a good thing? Exfoliation is always a good thing, ha ha ha! What about using that Nair stuff?

Well, I got to go cause I have nothing to do and its March Break. Woot, Woot!!! Yadda, yadda!
Have a good week everyone!

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