Friday, March 18, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi ladies, I hope everyone is having a good March Break so far. Carolin, you are so lucky that you get two weeks for March Break. Does anyone know if the year round schools get two weeks now as well?

Hubby took Thursday off and after I came home from work we all went for a two and a half hour hike up in Caledon. We hiked in to Cataract Falls. It was a great hike; the sky was blue and it was warm! We will definitely go back when it's not as muddy. After hiking we were starved so we voted to go out to dinner on the way home. We went to Heritage Fish and Chips! The same one we went to last Good Friday. The boys were reminiscing about sitting on the curb in the parking lot waiting for the call of #76!! We ate in this time and were the only ones in the restaurant for the first while. Hubby and I ordered the Fisherman's Platter! It had haddock, halibut, scallops and shrimp with fries........ yum! We were pigs and ate it all. I had thought we would have a doggie bag to bring home. I have never eaten in at Heritage but we get Fish and Chips from them once every few months or so.

Changing the subject, it's shift bid time again at work. I have yet to see them and I know I say this every time, however, this time we are in for some not very nice shifts. Also, we are working without a contract and have been advised that the company and union have had to request conciliation from the labour board. I'm not sure what this means. I hope it's a positive move. All I know is that we will have to wait longer to see the new proposed contract.

Sunshine and family come home this weekend. I look forward to hearing all about the trip. I really want to know if Sunshine survived taking carry on luggage only!!!

(Carolin) Wow the first week of March break is almost over. The little one and I went to the McMichael Art Gallery on Tuesday. She had done a project on Emily Carr and wanted to see some of her work. On Thursday my car was back in the shop for the day as the break lights would not turn off. Thursday night we went to a showing of the Secret Keepers Girls Pajama Party http://http// It was OK, seems it was the first time in Canada (might want to work on some of the jokes). They did this bit on what celebrities really look like which I wasn't to impressed with. Since we don't watch Family Channel the little one didn't know who most of the actress' where and then they showed a before and after picture of one of the actress from Desperate Housewives. The last photo was of Madonna, one shot as is and one with all the retouching. I sure hope that my daughter was not the only young lady who didn't know who Madonna or Eve Langoria were.

(Friday)The little one and I just got home from my most favoutie place to visit. Yes thats right we spent the day at Black Creek Pioneer Village. Just love that place, it holds so many great memories for me. I so want to live there.

Have a good week everyone!

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