Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Federal Election?

I have been following the politics of this week. It seems that Friday we will find out if there is to be another Federal Election called. This will be due to a non confidence vote by the opposition. How many federal elections have been held over the last ten years? It seems like quite a few. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the last election held for the same reason? Did anything change or get better? I have some questions. I will vote as I always do, however how do I decide my vote? Do I look at the qualities of the leader of the party? Do I just look at the policy of each party? Or do I look at past history?

How do you decide?

(Carolin) I know its not Friday. But I think by having so many elections in such a short period of time will reduce voters turnout. As it is a turn off to the people and by doing this the government then can do more with out the public knowing or even worse caring. I wonder how many people vote for the party leader, or for the party, or they vote for the person for their area. As we only get one vote but have to make three choices with that one vote.

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  1. This will be the 4th election in the past 7 years, all because non-confidence of the minority government. Enough already, Canada! Let's all band together, really go out and vote this time (instead of just bitching about it) and shove a majority government down their throats.
    I vote for my party...sad reality of Canadian politics. We can vote for a party, not the leader. But at least I do vote.