Friday, February 25, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) It was a busy week, emotionally for us this week. Let me see if I can put it down in words. Last week my father in law was admitted to the hospital with congestive heart failure. He lives in B.C. as do the rest of Hubby's family. After many phone calls and e-mails and after three days he was released. Too soon! When we spoke with him on the phone he could barely speak and was coughing and wheezing. He sounded terrible. Thankfully, my brother in law went over to my in laws home after a phone call from my mother in law. One look at my father in law and it was back to the hospital. Why was he released in the first place? This time he was diagnosed with pulmonary edema. This is a condition caused by a weak heart not able to pump strong enough. The result is a swelling (edema) of the surrounding tissues, in this case the lining of his lungs. When the pressure builds up it causes the tissues to leak their fluid, ie: water in the lungs. We are told this condition can be treated with medication. He is on so much medication already! His lungs were drained and home he was sent after three days! He has to go for blood tests and the doctors are trying different medications until they find what will work and not interfere with everything else! We have spoken with him and he does sound much better. Hope all works out Cathy (Sunshine) I hope that he feels better really soon.

We canceled our trip. That is the trip to a sunny island with no kids. This would have been our first vacation alone in 14 years. It is not to be for many reasons. First, we are thinking we might need the upcoming week to go to B.C. Also, my cousin announced he is getting married in Jamaica the first weekend in December. As he is close we are trying very hard for all four of us to go. We are also purchasing a timeshare week from a friend from work at a much reduced price. This along with our planned vacation to B.C. this summer leaves the budget a bit tight. Hubby and I are also planning a trip to Europe next summer to celebrate 20 years of marriage! (with the kids???)
As we cannot do it all, something had to give. Such is life.
It's always so hard trying to fit everything into in.

On a different note, Hubby and I did enjoy family day with Carolin and Sunshine. We met for dinner at, The Keg. It was interesting that none of our teenagers wanted to come along with any of us. We enjoyed dinner and hope we can get together again soon! (Carolin) It was nice to get together and actually see each other face to face. Its hard to believer that we are the same people that use to spend so much time together. It seems like such a long time ago. What happened to all of us?

Things are moving along at our end. The little one will be celebrating her 11 birthday this coming Tuesday (March 1st) . At this time we have no plans on how to celebrate, different options are being discussed. Happy Early Birthday wishes to the little one!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday night I went to a Fuzion class. What is Fuzion you ask in my opinion it is a modern day aerobic class. A couple of the the mom's from the little ones grade had asked me to go. I figured why not I could do with the exercise and maybe it will help with my constant tiredness. Well I made it through the hour and even worked up a sweat. But while everyone went right I was going left, while they worked on leg work my arms where flying through the air. The class is held in the elementary gym at the school I work at. The next day while I was talking to the night custodian I told him I had been at the class. He laughed (!!) and then next week he would make a point of coming to the gym to have a good laugh. The nerve, Oh well if I can bring joy to someone else's day. Then all my hip shaking and grinding will be worth it. Good for you, I have seen something similar at the gym but I can't remember what it was called, it may be the same name but the class did look like it would be a fun.

As I finish here, I would just like to with my friend Carol in Calgary belated birthday wishes. With everything, I never sent her my best on her day. I admit this publicly so she has a chance to chew me out!!! Happy belated Birthday Carol!!!!

Things around here have been quiet his weekend. The window installation is in, the baby shower was a success and now we can take a breather. My knew ( the one that I injured back in November) started acting up again this week. By Thursday I could barely walk and it has swollen up like a balloon. I went to the doctor on Thursday and I am awaiting the results from x-rays and ultrasound. I will get those this week on Thursday. He prescribed ant-inflammatories but my stomach could not handle them so we switched to a topical ointment. I felt worse on Friday so I actually called in sick for the first time in two years. I stayed off my feet all day Friday (other then taking the kids to school and back).
I have also been taking it really easy all weekend. I have been resting my leg as much as possible and heating it and icing it and putting the ointment on. It feels much better but the swelling is still there. All of a sudden, I feel so old. I really hope that I will not have permanent problems with this. I really don't' want to end up walking with a cane for the rest of my life. Everything else is doing well and we can't wait for March Break.

God Bless everyone!

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  1. No worries! Thanks Cathy...hope your FIL gets better. It's hard enough to deal with when you're all in the same city, let alone across the country.
    Fuzion sounds like the Zumba I do here...latin music, latin moves, basic aerobics class. I do heart sweating though!