Friday, February 18, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Sunshine) Hello everyone. How are you all doing. I am wide awake at 4am so I thought that I would blog. Window replacement has been going on all week long and it is still not finished. The crew is great and everything looks really good. I am hosting my sister in law's baby shower on Sunday so there is so much to do. Work has been busy as one of the girls unfortunately had to go to the states for a funeral so that means longer hours and very busy days. Everyone is doing well but we all had the flu and it is still going through our house. I can't wait for March break to finally get here. I am so ready for sunshine and palm trees and warm water. Today in our home there will be the window crew, the alarm crew, the attic insulation person and the hot water tank person. Grandma and Grandpa have been here for most of the week looking after things as we are working and the kids are in school. It is a hub of activity and I am looking forward to hopefully relaxing on Monday. Thanks goodness for our new, well fairly new holiday, Family Day. (Carolin)I am so looking forward to the extra day off. I am just so tired. I have a physical planned for this coming Tuesday and hopefully the Dr can tell my why I am just so tired all the time. I am getting enough sleep at night but by 3:00 in the afternoon I am wiped and ready for a nap.

(Cathy) Boy, Sunshine, you sure are busy and you are definitely earning your vacation! Hubby and I had to cancel our vacation. There are just too many other family obligations which will take us away from home. We are disappointed as this was to be our first trip away together since our younger one was a baby! Hopefully, next year we can get away.

Does anyone out there is blog land ever watch, "Say Yes, to the Dress!"? I must admit I have been watching it and am constantly amazed! I know they are just showing the high priced shoppers, but, come on! 10,000 for a dress you will wear for a few hours on one day! I agree it's a very special day and the bride should feel like a princess. I guess I'm just too practical. I suppose the show would be very boring if we only saw the practical people. Never heard of this show

Carolin, I was talking to your husband and he gave me the lowdown on your new wheels! Very, very nice. The teenager says it is very bling. I think that is good. I can't wait to see it. Happy, happy you know what this weekend!! What are your plans? I was planning on washing the floors this weekend. The husband is away this weekend so I don't really have any plans. I really would like to clean my house (or have someone else do it for me). I guess what I really want is just a clean house.

I would also like to wish my friend, Carol, out in Calgary and very Happy Day this coming Monday. For some reason Carol likes to celebrate these days which come around once a year??

It has been one of those weeks in our house. The little one has been sick all week. The teenager took her to the doctors on Tuesday and the little one has infection in both ears. She has been put on Biaxin and Codin because of her allergies. She could not keep them down Tuesday. She was home from school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. She is still complaining of a headache and earache. If she still has it tomorrow I will call the Dr office and see if someone can see her. I don't understand how ear infections just happen. She had been fine up till Monday night, no cold or anything, though she did complain of a headache on the weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Come on's just a number! Say it with me...forty-rhymes with GREAT!!!


  2. Sure Carol 40 might rhyme with Great when I was 40! But rhymes with 45! 40 seems like such a long time ago

  3. All I know is that in two years I do NOT want to find a bouquet of balloons tied to my front door!!!!! Maybe as a gift someone could finally fess up to the balloons of a few years ago!!!

    Hey Carolin, Happy Birthday to you today!!!