Friday, February 11, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

Well it is now Monday and looks like I have been stood up for the weekly Catch up Fridays. I will post just me then.

(Carolin) I am so frustrated I had typed a whole bunch of stuff here. Then before I know it, all of it is gone!!! I hate this $%%^&** computer!!!

I am back after many hours of this and that. The husband was on the phone at one point with the computer help folks trying to get this frustrating computer changed. They have suggested one fix and we will see if it works or not.

Well it is actually now Saturday night and nobody else has written anything. I guess they all are leading exciting lives. Me on the other hand am home on a Saturday night watching a strange movie about Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice called Lost in Austen. Its a bit odd so we will see if I make through to the end.

Hey Benchers I spent an hour this afternoon catching up with Angelin (a neighbour from our old stomping grounds). She is well and work is going very well, she is loving her new responsibilities. She gave me some tax advice in reference to work stuff and some miss-information I was given in the past. Speaking of work, the Board of Health came for a visit this past Wednesday. And I am happy to report all went well and I/business passed without a single infraction! Yeah for me.

Cathy you have been asking about my new car. Well what can I tell you? It is a gold/white colour and it didn't start for me on Thursday! It was in back at the dealers today getting a battery check and everything came back as fine. So we have been told it must of a been a computer glitch! Of course the husband and I have been having fun with the phrase all day. When anything doesn't go just right then it is blamed on a computer glitch.

The little one started taking a kickboxing class. She asked to take it (which is a surprise in it self) and can't wait for Thursday's. She absolutely loves it! I am so thrilled, as this could be just the thing to help boost her self esteem and give her the confidence to believe in herself. I of course would never of thought of kickboxing it just seems to violent for me.

So what is going on with the rest of you?


  1. I wonder what happened to my contibution to Catch up Fridays. I posted on time and I even commented on the difficulties that Carolin was having with her posting. That was obviouselly a complete waste of time. CATHY, OH CATHY WHERE ARE YOU???

    I am having trouble signing in today so in case you did't figure it out, this is Sunshine speeking.

  2. Sunshine "speeking" :)! I lost track of everything this past weekend. What was I doing? I have no idea!!! How exciting is that! My computer has been slowing down of late so I think it is time to purge it out and restore. I have so in the past and it works. I have nothing significant on my computer so it's easy to "factory restore" and get rid of "unwanted guests".