Friday, February 4, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi ladies, before I start to catch you all up with this past week I first have some unanswered questions from last week. Carolin, there was one for you regarding the open house at the school. Was it you who provided the RSVP hot lunch? (Carolin) No I am not catering the lunch. The open house was cancelled this week because of the snow and is scheduled for next Wednesday. Sunshine, what were you talking about with Mr. Sunshine??? O.K. now to this week. (Sunshine) Sorry, Cathy, I have no idea what you are referring to, I will have to go back and read last weeks post.

Great picture, how close was he? Do you have a really good zoom on your camera?
Hubby's home!!!!! Yeah!!!! He left Sunday night from Johannesburg, South Africa at 4:30pm their time and arrived home on Monday morning at 09:30am our time. The flight back was on a newer plane which had the personal entertainment in the seat backs. As the flight was not full he had space to stretch out and managed to sleep for four hours. He did watch four movies so he is all set for the Academy Awards!

This is just two of the pics Hubby took while away for work (sic!). The zebras and other animals just roam (for the most part) free. As they were driving to a work location, their driver stopped the car at the side of the road to point out the Zebras. Cool!

Hubby said the food was great, only no fruit and vegetables. So, this week I made: Jamaican Saturday beef soup, french onion soup, fish stew and leek and potato soup. Lots of vegetables and "fiber". Tonight is pizza night! Wouldn't of been easier to just make a salad? Just saying. We also had salad too; every night with soup and homemade 12 grain bread!

So we had our first snow day in two years this past Wednesday. Yes it was nice to be home but business is very, very good on bad weather days so I would of preferred to be at work. We in the Toronto area had been told about this blizzard of all blizzards headed our way since last Sunday. The media was crazy about this upcoming snow, so though we got snow I don't think it would of mattered how much we got it wouldn't of been enough as we were told to expect the worse. Now the media is all over the Toronto District School Board for closing schools (not just buses). And claiming TDSB was being irresponsible based on the amount of snow we got. I get so frustrated with the media. I think based on the information the media was giving us it was the correct call to close the schools. And considering it is the first time the school board has closed schools in TEN years, yes Ten years, I think we can let them off. If you have time to watch this spoof from CBC about the snow storm it is very funny.
I enjoyed the day off, It was the first time that myself and both the kids actually had a snow day together. I vote for more snow days.
It was hard to get back into the swing of things at work since I was off for about seven days due to exams and the snow day and a very few kids at school on the Tuesday. The good thing is that everyone at work is healthy and back to work. Nothing knew to report around here. Same old same old but sometimes that is just fine with me. I miss you girls and I hope that everyone is doing well. Cathy I am so happy that your hubby is back safe and sound, now if we could only keep mine at home for a while. I still can't figure out how to do that.

Carolin, if you are driving by the neighbourhood, then bring your knew car by for a spin, I would love to see it.

It is nice to see the CBC can make fun of it self. Well have a good one I need to go drive my new car on the snowy streets. New Car??????? Spill! Congrats, what kind of car is it?

Have a good week everyone!

Happy Super Bowl everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. In 47 years of Calgary winters, we have never.ever.closed the city schools. -40C BEFORE the windchills?? Suck it up, kids and wear a scarve! Two feet of snow?? Suck up it, kids and wear bigger boots! When did Canadians turn into such wimps?!
    Mmmm...Cathy, I miss your cooking. Can't wait to return, but we must talk. I'm thinking October again (Scotiabank Marathon), and not April...turns out I have a race to run right after Montreal. Shocking, I know!

  2. Hi Carol, I know what you mean about overreacting with regards to the snow. It's sad however I hear myself telling the kids about going to school in winter, ie: "when I was a kid...I had to trudge through snow for miles holding a bag as there were no backpacks... etc"
    Yikes! Now that's scary!

  3. Hey Carolin, I'm still waiting to hear news about the new car! Is it green?