Sunday, February 20, 2011


As some of you know yesterday was my birthday. It was a uneventful day but nice, I was able to get a lot of housework done that really needed doing. While I was dusting, washing, sweeping, etc this comment the teenager made to me in the morning was circling in my brain and would not go away. I figured the best way to work it out was blog about it.

Saturday Morning, I am reading the paper and the teenager comes downstairs, sits in the living room and says to me "Happy Birthday Mom, I've been thinking and you've turned out not half bad considering." She then gets up and walks away. Considering?? considering what?????

All day I have been considering and this is what I have come up with.

  1. Considering what she had to work with
  2. Considering I am a Mom
  3. Considering I am old (only in my kids eyes)
  4. Considering I haven't totally lost my marbles
  5. Considering the crap she has dished out these past 5 years

When I finally asked her just what considering meant she told me "considering where you came from" !!!

Where did I come from? The Moon, the ditch, some back ally? I asked her to elaborate and she sighs and rolls her eyes with the look on her face of sorry I complimented my mom.

"Considering you grew up on the poor side and now you have a daughter that is in University doing a double major and has held a part time job as a life guard and swim instructor for 4 years."

As the good mother I am I smiled at her told her I loved her and walked away giggling to myself.

Really, REALLY! did I raise this self absorbed women who thinks she gave me a compliment. Oh a side note that 'compliment' was also my birthday gift!

I think she should be very thankful she has a mother like me CONSIDERING!

  1. I still let her drive my car even though she has smashed up our previous cars
  2. I still let her drive my car when she never puts gas in it
  3. I let her live in my house well she treats it like a hotel with built in maid service
  4. I welcome the boyfriend over even though he eats everything in sight!
  5. I let her breath even though she wont tell me her bank pin number and never seems to remember it herself and somehow this is my problem cause she is at the mall and needs to buy....
  6. I let her keep the hair on her head even after she colours her hair in my white bathroom using my good towels. My bathroom is still white but with black/brown drip marks on the walls and door. And my good towel is now a good rag!

Well I could continue but I have to go grocery shopping as we no longer have bacon, eggs, milk and bread as the teenager made breakfast for the boyfriend when he came over at noon. Oh, I just remembered I can't get to the grocery store as they have my car. Hopefully they notice there is NO gas in it!




  1. Again, why I stuck with cats!!!! Happy belated birthday.

  2. Carolin!!! Oh...this was priceless!!!! I loved it and so did Hubby! I KNOW you are a great wife, mother and friend! Thank-you for a great post!

  3. considering,
    You gave up everything to have HER!!! LOL

  4. Why do we have to analize everthing that anyone ever says to us. Can't we just take the compliment and be done with it. I am glad that you can't, because neither can I. You did very well, Considering.