Thursday, December 23, 2010

Let the Cooking Begin!

The cookies are baked, the lists are done and the gifts are bought and wrapped. Now it's time to get cooking for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We all went out last night to purchase the groceries. We found everything we needed at the, 'No Frills'. We used our PC points to purchase the groceries. This is a nice treat for us a this time of year. We just save up all of our points and use them for the Christmas groceries. As I mentioned before, we found everything we needed, except for the turkey. I wanted a 9kg fresh turkey, not basted or stuffed with butter. Have any of you every read or listened to Stuart Mclean's, "Dave Cooks the Turkey"? Well, we had to go to four different grocery stores until we found the right turkey, Canada, grade A - not grade B. (you have to listen or read, "Dave cooks the turkey", to understand)!

So far, so good. Come home and with the boys help the groceries are all put away in the various locations. I go to bed as I have the early shift. Today, I arrive home from work, change out of my uniform, have a quick bite to eat and enjoy a cup of tea before starting to cook the rouladen for Christmas eve. (rouladen is beef rolls stuffed with onions, bacon, parsley, sometimes pickles, and mustard, rolled and browned and stewed in a paprika cream gravy). I go downstairs to get the cream for the rouladen and discover that a bag was left out of the fridge. It contained a 4L bag of milk, 1L carton of buttermilk and a 1L carton of cream! It was warm. Of course, NOBODY, took responsibility! I searched the internet looking for some site to tell me that it was still good. I mean, it was still sealed! I even called Carolin to get her opinion. We both thought as long as it wasn't curdled or smelled bad it should be ok?????? I know, I know..... I'm not taking the chance, especially over Christmas. I called Hubby who will repurchase the milk and cream on his way home tonight. So now what? I have a list and schedule to adhere to!

So, here I sit, enjoying a cup of tea......

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I hope that everything worked out with the special dinner. Have a great Christmas.