Friday, December 17, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi all. Well, even though I am ready for Christmas I too am finding myself busy with lists. Grocery lists, cleaning lists, kids to do lists....
It was a good week, I guess. I just can't remember any of it. What did I do this week? I suppose it was nothing out of the ordinary, just work and home and mom taxi. We did receive some good news this week, our younger son was accepted into the Peel Honour Band! We are all very proud and excited for him. He will have a practice once a week and a big concert in the spring.
When I stop to think about it, next year will be busy for the boys. Our older one will be working as a lifeguard and swim instructor and our younger one will have band practice as well as volunteer swim instructor every week. I think their lives will keep us hoping as we have to make sure that school work stays front and centre. Congratulations for the boys, that sounds really exciting.
Hey Sunshine, how many people for the cookie exchange? (Sunshine) I am just working on that today Cathy, I have not had any time to do so earlier so it is now crunch time and I have to get organized. E-mails and phone calls are on my list of things to to today (that day is Monday Dec. 20th). The weekend was busy as it was our 17th Wedding Anniversary. We went to Niagara Falls on Friday and just spend some fun quality family time. I have been watching lots of Christmas movies and just enjoying time with each other. It was a great weekend.

(Carolin) I'm not Sunshine! One more day just one more day. Just have to get through one more day. I am expecting a fairly quiet day tomorrow as the high school students will be gone for the day. I plan to clean the ovens and give everything a good wash down.

The teenager was in the Peel Honour Band when she was in grade nine. Yes, it was alot of driving. Her practises were in Mississauga and the final concert was ... Now that I think about it I didn't go to the final concert. Bad Mommy, I gave my ticket to an old neighbour of ours as she was driving the teenager and her son. Cathy, a heads up from what I remember you are given two tickets and the rest you need to buy. Also the tickets are hard to come by. I remember some of the teenager's music teachers offering to pay money for our tickets but I had already given them to Bibi.

I only got home about 15 minutes ago. What a busy day: work, pick up the teenager after her last exam, go back to school to watch the little one's Christmas Concert, drop kids off at home and run to Chapters to buy a book they had on hold for me. We did squeeze in some nasty old and cold McDonald's for dinner in our running around. (yech!)

Well, it's a week to go. Kids are home. If we don't have time to blog next week, on behalf of we Ladie's, we wish you all the Happiest and Safest Christmas! May God Bless you all!
It's going to be a very busy week. I am making my to-do list and it is so long it won't even fit on one page. Some of the highlights, cookie exchange, grocery shopping, cooking, baking, present shopping, cleaning, waxing, etc. etc.etc.

Have a great last few days before Christmas and remember to enjoy your time leading up to the holidays, no matter how busy things get.

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