Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Little Goth Can Go Along Way In The Mother Daughter Relationship Department

What a wonderful Saturday the little one and I had today!

It is not often we can spend the day together doing errands without me rushing and stressing about work. The next two weeks are mine, as Christmas is just around the corner and I have a million plus one things to do.

Our day started at the hair salon where the little one had her wish come true. She has been asking for a few months now for a black streak at the front of her hair. So Sam, (her hairdresser), obliged and she had two foils done at the front of her hair with a colour called, "blacker than black." He also gave her a wash and trim and just pampered her. I did get not overly positive comments from the older patrons about if I allow her to have black streaks now what will she do next? I kept a Barbara Coloroso in my head. "It's not life threatening, it's not morally threatening, and it will grow out!"

Pooh, to the 'old biddys'. I actually like the black streak and the little one loves it and really that is all that matters. And this is my theory (right or wrong) if I let her experiment while I have a say, hopefully she won't come home at 15 (when my opinion is second to her peers) with many piercings and multicoloured hair, etc. Time will tell.

After we left the hairdresser we headed down to the Lindt Chocolate factory. Wow, was that place packed! I have never seen it so busy. The little one kept telling me that when she becomes a Mom she is defiantly bringing her kids to this store.

Then we headed to Michael's craft super store. Once again she was in heaven. So much paper, paint, crafts, and lots of pretty, glittery, sparkly stuff. And now we are home watching, "White Christmas" and eating cookies for dinner.

I hope your Saturday has been as nice as ours!



  1. Our daughter likes to get creative with her hair too. Nothing wrong with that. And who could say no to chocolate! Sounds like some great mother/daughter time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I can't wait to see her bautiful hair. I never even heard of the Lindt Chocolate factory. I would love to visit as it is our favourite chocolate.