Thursday, June 14, 2012

Keeping In Touch

(Sunshine)  Good morning everyone.  For once I actually beat Cathy to the punch.  What wonderful weather we are having.  I am really going to miss having the summer off.  Carolin, you must be excited to be off soon.  Are you actually taking all summer off or do you have some other plans?

Cathy, how is the arm doing? Hey there, I am so sorry that I am late blogging this week. (Today is Thursday,   a day before we are to set up the next post!) 

As for my arm, the results of the MRI are in and they did not show anything major wrong! So off to my doctor again and both my doctor and physiotherapist now think it could be a case of RSD - Reflex sympathetic Dystrophy. This happens as a result of an injury. I read up on it and did not like what I read. I see the Physiayrist in two weeks and will see what she says. My doctor has started my on another drug to try and help with the pain. It's called, Lyrica: . It makes me really tired. Normally I wake up at about seven am or so. Now, with the Lyrica, I am sleeping in until almost eleven am! I feel like I have been hit by a train! Not good! 

Well it has been a long week.  I must say that working without a set schedule is a little difficult.  Some days I don't even know what day it is and weekends are busy and not just for leisure anymore.  That said, I still enjoy my job I just find it a lot harder to socialize and plan.  The group of people that I work with are fantastic and the job is still challenging so it keeps me interested and definitely on my toes. Welcome to my world of shift work! It's now me asking you when you work instead of you! I am glad you are liking your job. I still need to come and visit you there. 

Sunshine, it was great coming over to your home last Sunday! We all had a great time and it was good to see  Carolin and family. Thanks again!

Have a great weekend everyone.  Enjoy the beautiful weather!!!!

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