Saturday, January 14, 2012

Catch Up Fridays

(Sunshine) Hello everyone. How is everyone doing? Cathy,I hope that your arm is feeling better. Carolin, I hope that you are feeling better as well.

Yesterday we had my father in law's 78th Birthday. (WOW)The girls were just commenting on how cute their grandparents are. I was saying that I would love to grow old and be just like them. They are so happy and so sweet. Miss Teen Sunshine says that they are always so calm and she never remembers a time when she has seen them speak or act in anger. I need to be more like that on a daily basis. I have my mostly calm and happy days but then I can turn into miss crazy person for a while. Thank goodness the craziness doesn't last for long and I always apologize later but I would rather not have those moments of craziness to begin with. Any suggestions? Have your kids go live with the in laws for awhile, you will be calm and they will be crazy.

Today my sister and future brother in law are possibly others are on there way over and next week I have my sister's 49th birthday. Things are getting very busy around here and they will only get busier as the wedding approaches.Why are you the person doing the hosting?

Everything else is pretty much the same. Mr. Sunshine was home for about 24 hours and he left again yesterday evening. The girls are doing well and I am working five days this week. It will be my first Sunday shift in about eleven years. It will be really weird to be at work on the weekend.

(Carolin) It was the first week back to work (school) after the Christmas break and it was a LONNNNGGG week. My nephew is in the hospital (for the past two weeks) and is expected to be stay there for another few weeks. My sister is feeling the stress, my Mother and I have been back and forth and have decided my Mom will spend three weeks out west to help my sister. She flies out this coming Wednesday. I also spoke to a church close to where my sister lives and they made the family dinner on Friday and will help out with meals until it is no longer needed. My sister said the meal was great. I will mail a cheque to the church as a donation to thank them for all their help. I first tried to get help from restaurants and caterers but could not get what I wanted (simple nutritious comfort food meals for a large family). That was very thoughtful of you. I hope that your nephew will be feeling well soon and ready to return home.

Well another week is about to start and though it is early I think I will go to bed. The teenager and I were at a family baby shower all afternoon and it seems to have worn me out.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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