Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Catch Up Fridays

(Sunshine) Hello to everyone. I hope that everyone is doing well. Its a busy time around here as my sister is getting married in about 7 weeks. We are in full wedding preparation mode. Its been a long time since I have been so involved in such a big and important event. Its kind of exciting. I am getting excited about all things that have to be chosen. There are so many more options since the Internet, availability is so accessible. (Carolin)Have fun planning the wedding. I am sure it will be a fun day for all. (Cathy) Did you get those dresses?
I can't believe that we are already here, January 2012. Is time really passing by so fast or does it just seem to go faster as we get older in life? Faster as we get older!

Miss Teen Sunshine is hoping to go for her licence by the end of this month. I hope that she passes. Tell her she will beat the older one. I told him about Miss Teen Sunshine and that he only had a few days left if he wanted it before her, lol!

Little Miss Sunshine is finally clear of the flu and the congestion. She was practically sick for the entire month of December.
(Carolin) Glad to hear it, though since we got together Wednesday night for coffee I have not been feeling great. I feel cramping and nausea's on and off all day but mostly at night, so my sleeping is interrupted.

Mr Sunshine is travelling, travelling, travelling. We may see him a few days here and there throughout the month of January. I know that there is travelling on his schedule for February as well. I am just too scared to ask how much.
School starts back on Monday and so does work. I have very much enjoyed my two weeks off and for the first time am not looking forward to going back to work. I have work I am supposed to do over the break and procrastinated so much it is only half done. Hopefully once I am back in the swing of things I will feel better.
I am officially teenage free! Yes, the teenager turned 20 on January 2nd, and the little one does not turn 13 for 14 months. The husband and I have time to replan, regroup and recharge before we have to go through it again. I can't call the teenager, 'the teenager' anymore so I need a new name, any suggestions? (twentysomething?)
I was having a conversation with my 20 year old (that doesn't have the same feel to it), we were discussing skin care. We were talking about how dry our skin gets over the winter months. I find that it doesn't mater how much moisturizer I put on parts of my face get dry and ashy looking. So we have decided to try a new line of products. I bought a bunch of stuff from Arbonne. http://https://www.arbonne.ca/. The facial line for the 20 year old and a similar set of products for myself (the mature women). I started using it yesterday, and noticed that by the end of the day my face (mostly forehead) did not have a heavy greasy feeling. And again this morning when I woke up my face didn't feel heavy like I needed to wash it right away. The daughter said she was going to start today with her products and we will see how they work over the next three months. They were more expensive then the stuff I usually use but if they work then I think it's worth it. The only things I am doing different (then I have in the past) is I am supposed to exfoliate my face (gritty cleanser) twice a week and I now use a day moisturizer and a different one for night. I think I can handle that. Also I will starting taking a pack of vitamins made for women, again hoping to help keep my spirits and energy up over the winter months. Do any of our fellow benchers use the Arbonne products? And if so what is your opinion compared to cheaper drug store lines?

I use nothing special on my skin but I do try to drink more water than tea and I find it hard to do. Thanks to Sunshine for setting up the blog. We went skiing on Saturday and the weather was great but the snow conditions were slushy. So, I wiped out, (first time in years) and actually hurt myself. I have "neurapraxia" on/with/in??? my left arm. I am typing with one finger with my right hand. I am off work because I cannot type onehanded fast enough and everything at work needs two hands and arms. I hope it doesn't last too long. Not a great way to start the new year.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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  1. arm update:
    I went to my family doctor yesterday. He said it was 'brachial plexus'. Same thing but the injury is with my radial nerve. It might need surgery. My doctor sent me to Emerg. where they concurred with his diagnosis. I am in a splint and have to go to a sports medicine clinic for further testing. In the meantime I am off work.