Saturday, January 28, 2012

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi all. I am still typing with one hand. I get to go see a plethora of doctors next week. Our spring bid is coming up at work and if I cannot get back to work before May I will not be able to bid a shift. I sincerely hope I am back before May. Humanity is funny, here I am, at home resting and complaining. When I am at work all I want to do is be at home resting! I have been told this could take months to heal. Enough about me.

Carolin, I am hoping you have more good news regarding your nephew. Is he progressing quickly or will his recovery take a long time? Again, please send our love and prayers to them all. (Carolin) He is still in the hospital but starting to get antsy and wants to go home. The meds he is on are helping but his body is slowing adjusting to them and it will take a bit of time for the side effects to calm down. My mom has been out there for just over a week now and my sister says things are going well. My cousins baby girl (only two months old) has been in the hospital near us for the past week because of a virus. She has been in isolation and on oxygen as the doctors try different things to get her breathing under control.

Here at the home front all is well the little one had the flu last weekend but is back to her normal self. I have been feeling a cold coming on for a few days and as of Friday I have officially given up to the cold. I feel like I just had a cold and now another one. So much for taking my plethora of vitamins this winter. I guess I shouldn't of missed three days this week :(

Sunshine, how's it going? Busy, busy busy I bet.

Well, one more semester to go and Hubby and I will see the older one graduate from high school. It's an incredible feeling. All Hubby and seem to do these days is reminisce about when the kids were little. They are good memories and it's good to look back and see all of their accomplishments before starting the next stage.

Hey Carolin, did you come up with a new "handle" for your twenty year old yet?

(Carolin) Well its been almost a month using my new face care regime.http:// I really like the day and night moisturizer. My skin is much smoother and more uniform in colour (not so blotchy). I also like that at the end of the day my forehead doesn't feel greasy like it used to. Same as in the morning my face doesn't feel heavy. I was hoping these products (day and different night moisturizer, cleanser, and scrub) would get rid of the ashy dry skin flaking I suffer from especially in the winter months. Well it hasn't totally got rid of the dry flacks but it is not as bad as it has been in the past. I have also been using the shampoo and conditioner on my hair, and I find my hair does not get as greasy as soon as it used to. Normally I would wash my hair Sunday morning (example) and by Monday night I would start feeling the itchy, greasy feeling on my scalp. Now I don't notice that till Tuesday and it is never as bad as it used to be. I have also used the body wash but unfortunately my allergies started to react and I had to go back to my pears soap. Cathy I can't seem to change the colour on my paragraph.

One month almost finished in this new year of 2012!

(Sunshine) I hope that everyone is feeling better soon. When someone you love is sick everything else seems so unimportant. I wish everyone a very speedy recovery. Nothing knew around here just work, kids and wedding plans. The days seem to be flying by. My sister has been really emotional especially as the wedding date draws nearer. I think that she really misses my mom in all of this process. We are all tying to help out and fill in but unfortunately there is no substitute.

Have a goods week everyone!

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