Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thursdays on the Bench

Well, It's exam week for the older one. He had one on Wednesday morning and three on Thursday. He could have changed one of the exams on Thursday, however, he decided to get them all over with. I can understand his reasoning, but I am worried about 'brain drain!'. So, did I insist that he change one of his exams? No, (surprise, surprise), I decided that he could decide for himself and I 'let it go.' (He had better do well!) Knowing the older one, he will and there will be no opportunity for me to say, "I told you so!"
(Sunshine) I can be so hard as they grow and are able to make their own decisions. I look sometimes and wonder what happened to my little baby girl. Well she is becoming a woman right in front of my eyes and believe me she has so many ideas and Strong opinions that it sometimes makes my head spin. Her spunk and love for life are a part of her that although scary, I really admire. Letting go is hard because they may fall flat on their faces, but its better then holding on too tight. Miss Teen Sunshine also has exams this week, 2 down and 1 more to go. (Carolin) We are also in exams for the teenager. She had one on Monday and another today then done! Not bad really cause she has the rest of the time off school. Yesterday when the little one and I got home the teenager and her friend Cassy were down in the basement playing Wii.

The younger one has an interesting project he has started. His class has been divided into small groups of three and they have $20.00 each and they need to start their own business. They have to put together a business proposal and present it to their teacher. If approved they have the rest of this term to build their business and get it running. At the end of the term all of the businesses will get to rent space in the school gym and they will sell their wares! It seems to be a new part to the curriculum for grade 8 geography, an economics section. It sounds like a lot of fun! That is so cool and interesting. Little Miss Sunshine is working on her very first speech. She chose the signs of the zodiac as her topic. I am anxious to see what she will come up with. I really use to enjoy working on speeches at school and so does Miss Teen Sunshine, we will have to see if Little Miss Sunshine will enjoy it too.
We too, have been slowly working with the little one on memorizing a chunk of scripture. She was given a choice of a poem or Scripture and she chose the later this year. Next year is when she will have to write her own speech. We have had to do this memorizing thing since grade one and let me tell you it is a pain in the b*&&! What makes it so hard is trying to get a child to remember all these words when she has severe short term memory loss.

Mr Sunshine is away this week all week until Saturday night so things are pretty quiet around here. I find that I do a lot a soul searching when he is away. I wonder why that is? I am off this week so I have been doing a lot of laundry and cleaning and its been fun to hang out with Miss Teen Sunshine. We have had a lot of appointments this week and I have a few things set up for the next 2 days, so it has been pretty busy around here. You're off! why didn't you tell me? I could of had you with me at work for the lunch rush. The teenage volunteers are very unpredictable and sometimes not worth the trouble. You could of come and worked for an hour or so and I would have given you a sandwich (maybe). Now that I think about I can see why you kept it a secret I probably wouldn't want to bother either.

My days have been pretty full so far. Thursday I am going out with a friend during the day and Friday I promised Little Miss Sunshine that I would take her out for lunch while Teen Sunshine is planning to go over a friends house after her last exam with some other friends for an I don't know Hurray that exams are over? . Sorry Caroline but we have had orthodontist appointments and hair dresser appointments and other errands to run. I have not been home during lunch hour all week. I use to have so much time to get all of these little things done but now that that time is occupied with work, those 5 free hours during the day fill up really fast. Mr Sunshine asked how my relaxing week was going and I had to explain to him how I have not had a moment to relax yet.

Not to worry I am just bugging you. A couple of Friday's ago when I went to pick up the little one from school at the end of the day, the VP asked me how I liked my afternoon off? I looked at her and smiled and said it was lovely, but in my head thought what world is this women living in. I left the school at 9:30 am drove half an hour to the wholesale grocery store, shopped, then to Costco, shopped. Next on the list is home to put everything away, do the books for the week and then head to the banking. Stop by the library pay my fine cause I can't get there anymore like I used to and pick up new movies and a book ( which will sit in my car cause I don't really have time to read fiction anymore). Rush back to the school to pick up the little one then hurry home get dinner ready and house tidied before 7 adults and their 9 kids arrive to mess it up again. Yes it was a lovely relaxing afternoon and I am so lucky that I can do this every Friday.

Some of my favourite show have started, The Bachelor and American Idol (I should blog about them). This makes for some interesting TV watching a few nights a week. I am now being hailed by Little Miss Sunshine, so I will talk to you all later. Survivor is starting soon and I am looking forward to that and I hope Amazing Race will be on soon but I haven't checked the Internet to see when it starts. I am not sure if we will watch Survivor this time around. Although, I just remembered it a a special one with past competitors on it. I would like to watch, Amazing Race but I work Sunday nights. We'll see.

Have a good week all,

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