Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bench Talk: 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

In a few weeks the world will turn their attention to Canada, Vancouver and surrounding mountains to be exact, to watch the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Will you be watching? What is your favourite sport? Do you and your family have any traditions surrounding the watching of the games?

(Sunshine) Members of my family are getting ready for the Olympics in television and food service related aspects. There is a lot of hype and a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to produce what we see on TV. We do watch the Olympics. The skiing, figure skating and so many other events are watched in our home. It is great to see Canada involved, and when we do well it is even better. When the Olympics are taking place in a Canadian location, then it is even more fun to watch and be supportive. What an incredible setting Vancouver will be. I look forward to enjoying the views and it will give us all a chance to feel the pride of being Canadian. Go Canada!!!!

We enjoy watching the Olympics as well. It's great to pick a sport and try to follow through to the medal presentation. It's always interesting to see which sport the boys choose to follow. I, of course, hope that Canada does well, but I hope we don't hype it so much that we create too high a peak to reach. I wonder, are the Olympics still just for amateur sport participants? How do they, year after year, allow professional players, ie: hockey, to participate? There must be a 'let' somewhere.

(Carolin) My family watches some of the Olympics but to be honest I am not all that interested. It is nice when a Canadian wins but then I feel sorry for the others. Why is it so important to be the BEST? Why cant we just support each other and have fun with sports. When my Brother and sister in law were here for Christmas they where talking about the Olympics. As they live in the heart of where it is taking place. So though it is the Vancouver Olympics very little is in Vancouver the skiing and snowboarding are outside of Vancouver. They live in Pemberton and they were talking about how they are going to have to get security clearance to just get around in there own town. They are not looking forward to the craziness and will be happy when it is over.

I am happy for Canada to be on the international stage but even happier that it is in BC and not here in Ontario.

Good Luck, Canada!

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  1. I was in Calgary during the '88 Olympics, and granted, the world was a less scary place, but we did not need security passes to get around Calgary. And is was more fun and amazing than anything I have done since. I met people from Russia, went to the Jamician Bobsled team fundraisers and treated pins with complete strangers. I was so proud to be able to be a tiny little piece of the whole hoopla. Regardless of who won, I cried when the medals were handed out in Olympic Plaza, and cheered during the fireworks afterwards. Many events also took place outside of the city (Canmore, Nakiska in K-country) which just gave the world the opportunity to see how freaking beautiful Alberta, and soon, BC really is! The legacy left behind has been phenominal, as we are still using Calgary's facilities to train the Olympiads of tomorrow. The company I work for is sponsering the Luge, Skeleton and Bobsled teams, so I will be watching those sports with interest. Not just because of Shaw, but because 5 of the athletes are also coworkers!
    You guys should get ready for this...word on the street is Toronto wants the summer games!!