Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thursday's on the Bench

Happy Thursday all!

I look at the title of this post, "Thursday's on the Bench," and I feel nostalgia for the bench. When we started this blog, I was the only one working, part-time, and the other ladies were looking for work. The idea for the blog was to share our stories and history and also gave us something to do. Now that we are all working, we hardly have any time to get together to blog. Most, if not all of our posts are done at our homes, separately. I miss the simple times when our kids were preschool age and we would meet at around 10am at the park. We each had our beverage of choice, Carolin with her diet pop, Sunshine and Louise with their bottled water and me with my ever present cup of tea. It's like we were of one mind then. My mom used to say we ladies could not do anything without the others knowing about it. If one of us was outside, it was not long before the other three joined in. We spent ages together, talking, sharing and just being. It was one of the best times I can remember. We used to have a 'ladies night' where we would meet at a designated house. It happened once a month and our husbands stayed home to look after the kids. We ladies would bring food and we would sit until the wee hours of the night just talking and laughing. Our husbands used to wonder what we had left to discuss as we had seen each other all day long! I think they were just jealous. We also tried to get them to have a "guys night" but they didn't seem to be able to plan it on their own so it rarely happened! We also started going out for dinner as a group every three months, without the children. We looked forward to those nights when we could actually eat a meal, hot and without interruptions!

Well, fast forward to now. We are all working and just stopping in for tea rarely happens. We are still in touch and this blog has helped a lot as we are committed to posting something at least twice a week. I feel the blog is not as personal as when we started, however, all things evolve. As we ladies adjust to our new roles as working moms we will just have to actually 'plan' to get together more often. Hopefully, at those times we can open a new post and share with you.

I do miss the past, however, it is the past. It's o.k. to reminisce as long as we (I) don't wallow. The future is what we make of it and we ladies have been through so much together, grown up together as we became homeowners, parents, sisters. I love these 3 women and even though we do not see each other as often as we used to, and cannot just zip over next door, they still mean as much to me as they ever did.

My word Cathy, you appear to be feeling a little emotional. Yes that was a nice time in our lives but so is this part of our lives, it is not the same but change is good. So what is new at this end of our fair city (my house) The teenager woke up Monday with her face swollen, her dad took her to the dental surgeon who had taken her wisdom teeth out back on the 29th of Dec. Looks like on of the sockets has an infection. So she is on antibiotics and will go back today to have it checked hopefully it is cleared up if not they will have to do another surgery to get the infection out. Please pray that another surgery is not needed, as she is a musician and her music teacher has already moved her exam date back.

She also sent of her university applications and heard from two confirming her application (not an acceptance yet). Also she has to go for a tour and orientation to one on the 7th of February. This university is her first choice.

A little bit on the teenager. SHE broke up with the boyfriend last week (Yeah!!!!). He has not been taking it too well which has caused some stress but in time this will work out and it is for the best.

Work is coming along, I finished my year end status report and emailed it to Mr. Sunshine for his feedback but he must be busy as I haven't heard from him. I have to email it to the principal this weekend as he is away this week but will need to go over it on the weekend. The big board meeting is next Tuesday.

We are going over to Louise this coming Saturday night to play some cards or games. I am looking forward to that and perhaps we can get a blog in since we will be all together!

(Sunshine) I will remind Mr. Sunshine for you (Caroline) he has been really busy and is presently out of town. I did ask him about it earlier in the week and he said that he would review it on the plane. I will follow up. Yes Cathy, those times in our old neighbourhood were a special time. I don't know that we really understood it at the time. We no longer live on the same street, or even within walking distance of each other anymore. Life changes and evolves. We have shared so much of our lives together and we are lucky to have so many fond memories of the past. We will just have to make some knew ones for the future. Things are pretty much the same around here. Kids, work and housework. I think that I am starting to feel the January blues. I can't even believe that we are actually in the year 2010. Where has all of this time gone?

We have a very busy weekend coming up. Music lessons, soccer practice and soccer game, game night with everyone and my father in laws birthday lunch and then at our house for cake on Sunday. That is one packed weekend. I don't know about everyone else but we are already in mid January, Time is flying right by.

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!

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