Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Catch Up with Carolin

It is just after 9:00 AM Sunday morning, the teenager is still sleeping, the little one is up and watching TV. The husband is reading yesterdays paper and eating toast with peanut butter. I have been up since 7:30 AM have put dinner in the crock pot, read the paper, ate a bowl of cereal and am now dressed for church (not that we dress anything special for church, jeans and a shirt) Remember the days of wearing 'Your Sunday Best'.

I know I haven't blogged in what feels like forever. Cathy has been sending frantic emails to the three of us trying to work out a time for us to be together on a regular basis to blog. But between you and me I am having a hard time fitting in all that needs to be done without adding another commitment.

Work wise things are moving along. I am still in the old kitchen and if I believe the rumours the new kitchen being equipped has been put on hold because of a lack of funds. I have submitted my year end status report. Which the principal presented to the board. Now he would like me to put together another one page report breaking down the financials. Seems some board members are under the misconception that I am just rolling in the dough! (you like that pun) The husband's schedule has aloud him to come at lunch time and help me with the lunch rush. Which has been great but he is back on the day shift for the next two weeks and I am now relying on student volunteers. So we will see how it goes. I truly feel I am losing business because I can't get the orders out fast enough. We now have two lunch rushes, one at 12:00 (HS & JH) and then another at 12:30 (elementary). I have just enough to catch my breath and do a quick wipe down before I serve the younger kids. I have also started a regular Tuesday special. Every Tuesday we serve a pasta dish. We have made chicken catattori, Penna with sausage, and fettuccine Alfredo so far. This week will be pasta with a traditional ground beef sauce. I sell between 17 to 22 plates each Tuesday as well as sandwiches. We also have our hot dish special on Wednesday as well. Last week it was pizza subs, the week before was pulled pork on a bun. I planning on serving Mexican chicken served over rice this Wednesday. We are having it for dinner tonight so I will see how it taste. I am a fan of the Kraft's Whats Cooking web site I find the recipes are simple and so far have always tasted good.

Though I am tired all the time, and my evening and weekends are spent doing work stuff I am enjoying what I am doing and look forward to the time when I am in a fully equipped kitchen and serve the students and staff properly. I try not to get to worked up about the negotiations with the board and truly believe that they have more to lose if we can't come to an agreement then I. I have given the stress and worry over to God and trying very hard not to take it back as I have in the past.

I really enjoy the interactions with the kids. I have also been finding that more and more elementary parents are coming in at the end of the day and ordering for their kids for the next day. Many parents come to see me and thank me for making their lives easier now that they don't have to worry about lunch's. I do remember when the teenager was younger there where days when I didn't have anything for her lunch and we would stop at a sub shop or Tim Horten's on the way to school to buy her lunch for the day. So I totally relate these parents.

Well it is now time to head of to church I will try to get on the blog again soon.


P.S. Robin what happened to your blog? I went on this morning to get my Robin fix and you are gone! Hope you come back soon.

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  1. Hi Carolin - Sorry about the abrupt departure. I am regrouping and will re-emerge soon but probably with password protection. I'll let you know!