Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Keeping in Touch - The End of Summer

(Cathy) Here it is August 13th, 2013. The summer is coming to a close much too quickly! The weather is not helping as it is cold and windy. What happened to "hot, hazy and humid"? I miss those August days of my past. Boy, I sure can make myself seem old! (Carolin) YOU ARE OLD!

Yesterday, we ladies were together at Sunshine's home. Together for the first time all summer! We had a blast! I have not laughed so much and so heartily since, well, I cannot remember when. We actually made a date to go for, "Afternoon High Tea" at The Old Mill. I will try to tell you how it went. I posted on Facebook that I was going for High Tea and my sister commented "What are you 80!)

We spent a lot of time yesterday laughing about the menu for our annual Labour Day BBQ. Hubby and I host this event and we always like to come up with a different menu. At the end of the summer everyone is tired of eating hamburgers and hot dogs. In the past we have had pulled pork, beef dip, fajitas (or was it burritos?), simple tasty meals. This year Sunshine suggested pizza. I thought it was a great idea. I then decided that individual pita pizzas would be great, cooked on the BBQ. I would have all of the toppings, buffet style, and everyone could top their own. Let me gets this straight, I am to make a Caesar salad and as Sunshine said I have to make the real kind with anchovies and real fried croutons.  And then after all that work I then come to your house and make my own dinner.   The kids would love it! What kids, like I have said before the youngest ones are 13, its not like it was years ago. 

So, yesterday, as we talk about the menu, Sunshine proposes that we do actual pizza dough and cook that on the BBQ. She also offered to make sauce. Carolin said that she had never had pita pizzas before and was willing to give it a try. ( I have edited what she really said, LOL!) I think a pizza on a pita is nasty.  And who wants to go to a BBQ for pizza,  I will make sure to eat before I get there.

If I am to read into the subtext of all of this; should I still prepare for pita pizzas, or not? Cathy make what ever you want,  I will make sure to have lots of salad.

Keep smiling!

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