Friday, August 16, 2013

Maui Jim Equals Great Customer Service!

(Cathy) About seven to eight years ago I purchased a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses. They're great, comfortable and I really love them. A few weeks ago the rubber nose support piece came off and was lost. I was still wearing them. I did go to a local sunglass store to see if I could purchase a replacement. They did not have any and suggested that I go direct to Maui Jim. The salesperson said that they have really great customer service department and that I would be pleasantly surprised. 

The Maui Jim office is located not too far from where I live so one day off I went. As I entered I was greeted with a big, smiley ALOHA and asked how they could assist me. I showed them my sunglasses and asked if it was still possible to get the nose pad piece replaced. They said sure and it would only take a few minutes. The customer service agent very shortly returned to me wanting to know if I wanted the small crack in the lense fixed that she had noticed. I asked how much would be the extra cost and was told that there was no charge! 

After a wait of about ten minutes the same agent returned with what I thought were my old sunglasses fixed. In fact they were a new pair! She had a smile on her face and said that it was not a problem. I was then handed a cleaning cloth with a new case. 

I was told to have a great day and that was that! All for the cost of a smile!

Maui Jim equals great customer service!



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