Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Keeping in Touch: Update

(Cathy) Well, hello one and all. I apologize for the lack of posts. When I looked back our last post was in October, 2012! Time flies and laziness wins more than it should. We ladies are still alive and kicking; Thanks Be to God! 

Carolin is so busy working at her cafe in the school. It looks great! I have very much enjoyed the times I have been to visit there. I am so proud of Carolin! She had a vision and she worked so hard to see it become real. It is so nice to see how much the students and teachers appreciate what she provides. Carolin knows each student by name and even remembers their preferences! When you work for yourself there is never time off. There is always planning: menus, shopping, book keeping. I am sure it must keep her up at nights. Added to all of the above, Carolin also gets many requests to cater events! She manages it all with a smile! 

This leads me to Sunshine. Finally, Carolin asked Sunshine if she would like to work for her at the cafe. Sunshine has been offering for ages. She started at the beginning of this current school year. Sunshine works part time for Carolin and also has another part time job. She just loves keeping busy. It is so cool to see both Sunshine and Carolin working together. It is like a beautifully choreographed dance! I was there one day and the "banter" back and forth never stopped! I laughed so much; they are just like an old married couple!

Louise is back at University studying Early Childhood Services. We do not see or hear from her a lot. I know she is doing very well and is hoping to study straight through the year so she can graduate early. It's hard work to look after a family and go to University full time. We all wish her the best! 

As for me, I am still off of work. It has been over a year and there is still no change to the RSD in my left arm. Added to my woes, a small brain tumor was found after a routine MRI was done on my brain. A second scan was done three months later and as there was no growth I was told it is not cancer. I still need to see a neurosurgeon in case something needs to be done with the tumor. I hope they can tell me it just needs to be left alone and then we can all forget it is there. I have been prescribed all kinds of different medications to try to reduce the neuropathic pain. To date, none have helped. I had the worse reaction coming off of the Cymbalta. It took over three months before it was out of my system and the brain zaps stopped. Now, my doctor is prescribing small doses of Nortriptyline. (so far no help) I am bored at home and realizing that I might actually be a bit depressed. So, I have started to try to get more interested in life. I do exercise as I have to try to keep my arm at the strength level it is at. I do walk the dog. I now have to keep myself busy and stay off of the couch. It's hard and I need a kick in the pants sometimes, but I am blessed with a wonderful family and the best of friends who are like my family. I am not alone.

Thanks for listening!

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