Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Keeping in Touch

(Cathy) Hi everyone. So, here's what is new with me. I went to the Physiatrist last Tuesday morning. She spent about an hour and a half with me. Everyone says that that is really good. She did her exam and after seeing all of the results of my previous tests she wants to do a bone scan and MRI my brain! Yep, MRI my brain! What next? Will this ever end? She changed my medication, which I was only on for two weeks, and now has me on something that I cannot remember at the moment. Chris the pharmacist sees me every two weeks! The Physiatrist gave me enough repeats of this new drug to last me eight months! What does that mean? Does anyone else out there suffer from a chronic nerve injury? How are you dealing with it? Can you work?

(Sunshine) Cathy, this thing is sounding stranger and stranger. You must be getting so frustrated.

About last weeks post, I thought it made sense. Would you like me to explain it all over again? LOL!

NO THANK YOU.(Carolin) I wasn't really paying attention the first 50 times so please don't explain anymore.


How is everyone celebrating? Happy Birthday to Mr. Sunshine! This is the first time in forever that I have not been home for Mr. Sunshine's Birthday. I was working and it was such a strange feeling not to be there but he had a good day with Little Miss Sunshine. We are all off on the Monday even Miss Teen Sunshine so we will be celebrating then. However, you know Mr. Sunshine, he likes to absolutely nothing and see no one but me and the kids on his Birthday. He is back on his health kick, so he is eating next to nothing and he went for a run this morning. He and the girls took grandma and grandpa out for lunch and came buy to see me for my break at work before Miss Teen Sunshine went to work. Its always fun to see them part way through my shift as they come by often.

I as well worked Canada Day, but I have catered Canada day events for a few years. I get myself all worked up before I cater things. Can't sleep, making a zillion list, double, triple checking. But in the end all went well, the Beef Kabobs were amazing, and I was told by one musician that my roast potatoes were 'BOMB!'

I went and meet with the psychologist who preformed the ADD testing on the little one. After two hours of blah, blah, blah the results are she has a new label ADHD. It seems from April to June there is no longer ADD all have variations of ADHD. So the little one has ADHD with out the H part. Now I am working on trying to get an appointment with the little one's cardiologist so we can discuss what meds are best for her with all her other issues. I was very upset and angry at first but i am slowly coming to terms with it. Now we need to learn about the different medications that are available and what we feel is best for her if any.

I cant seem to change the colour here to green :(
We are having a problem with are cat and maybe someone out there can give us some help (getting rid of him is not an option by the others in the family)

We now have two litter boxes for him and he still will pee on the spare bedroom bed and pillows. I have thrown them all out last week and will have to go buy a new mattress and pillows. Also we have some big pillow in the living room for extra seating and he has started to pee on them. I have washed them all power washed the pillow inside (thankfully the cover comes off). The pillows in the living room is a more recent thing. I have had it so I told the family he is now an outside cat and can only come in at night so he doesn't get hurt by raccoons and such. Does anyone know why he would do this and how to stop it. He is not aggressive and puts up with a lot from the little one. He is affectionate and the girls have him trained to lick there cheek when they say "give me kisses" . He just a year old and has been fixed. What do I do?

Summer is really finally here. What a heat wave. Gotta love that sunshine. It is a hot one out there.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

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