Friday, July 13, 2012

Keeping in Touch

(Sunshine)  Hello everyone.  How are you all doing?  (Carolin) Just hunky dory Sunshine, how you doing?

The sun is shining and the birds are chirping.  It is hot, hot, hot.  I am getting a tan right now as I am blogging and my computer is by the window.  This is officially week 2 of summer vacation and the kids being off school.   It was very hot last week, thankfully it has cooled down a bit this week.  The little one is in swimming lessons this week and last.  Her lesson is 45 minutes long so while she swims I go for a brisk walk around the lake by the rec centre.  I can do three laps of the lake in 30 minutes.  It is much easier to walk this week then last that is for sure.  Today after my walk we came home I made breakfast for us and then we went in the yard and weeded the vegetable garden.  Holy Weeds Batman!  The cool part is once the weeds were removed I found two large yellow zucchinis ready to be eaten.  I think I will cook them up tomorrow as we are just having burgers tonight.  Tomatoes are coming along and the corn is getting very tall. The peppers are starting to form but the plants are still small.  I was pleased to see there are some peas actually growing as both the peas and beans are small due to the rabbits constantly eating them. 

I was at the farmers market this past Saturday, I haven't been in a long time and Wow has it grown.  The farmers I used to buy from are still there but there is a lot more stuff.  Lots of ready made food, artisans, crafters, meat farmers, cheese makers etc.  I was pleasantly surprised and will try to go more often. 
Is anyone watching the bachelorette?  I am hooked as usual and can't wait to see who she picks and if it will finally work out.  Sorry Sunshine I don't watch this show but I have been getting Anthony Bourdain's, "No Reservations", from the library and enjoying them.

We are going  away next week for 10 days or so to Boston and surrounding area.  I booked the hotel last night on line.  Boston is very expensive to visit so I was fortunate to find a hotel outside of Boston for $100.00 a night.  We are planing to do all the sights in Boston, visit Salem, and perhaps go to Cape Cod.  I am looking forward to the trip as I have wanted to visit Boston for a long time now. Also, I always enjoy driving vacations were we can stop whenever we want and take detours and have adventures.  The Teenager who isn't a teenager anymore will not be going with us as she has to work.  So if any benchers are in the neighbourhood you are welcome to keep an eye on my home.  Especially on the weekend!!!!

(Cathy) Hi all, I am late to post this week and I think we missed last week. Thanks Ladies for all of the news. I really enjoyed reading it all. Sunshine, will you keep us updated on "the Bachelorette"? I always enjoyed your updates from the past. Carolin, have a great time in Boston! Hubby  has also always wanted to go. One day we will get there I hope. Your garden sounds great! Mine needs work. As for the farmer's market, I did read in the newspaper that it was expanding this year, maybe I will get there.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!!

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