Friday, July 29, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hiya ladies! I just saw an advertisement on t.v. for the movie, "The Help". We have to go and see it! We need to organize a movie night. Let me know what works! I hope it's good! I'm in lets try and go sooner rather then later. (Carolin) I read the book a year or so ago and liked it so I am in for the movie as well.

Carolin, how was your week at camp? How did the little one do? Carolin I hope that you all had a really good time. The week went well, the littel one stayed in the cabin with her age group all week. Thursday was only tough day for her, she had four different meltdowns. But besides that all went well she didn't want to leave when the week was over. She even mastered tubing and wakeboarding this summer. Now if we could convince her to try watersking again.

These questions remind me of an episode of Veggie Tales, "Josh and the Big Wall". When they take a break from the main show and show, "Silly songs with Larry". Do you remember, "The song of the Sayboo" (I hope I spelled that right.) (I am now singing..... that episode was one of my favourites!) (Sunshine) Veggie Tales, wow that takes me way back. I am sure that we have some of those VHS tapes around this house somewhere. What are you talking about? Sorry haven't watched a veggie tale in years as the little one never really liked them.

So, what did I do this week? Work was still frustrating. I cannot stand how people are being treated. It's just not right. Thursday was a bit better. Let's hope things are turning for the good. I heard something on the radio about Obama and parties where back to discussions. So hopefully the states will get its act together. It is interesting and a little scary to watch a country that was number one in the world so quickly fall apart. It also scares me on which country will be number one next.

My back seems to be better so I, finally, did an hour workout on Wednesday. It felt soooo good! I still need to work on eating less. Less of everything! I have cut down on my portions, however, when the food tastes so good I just want a second helping. I am so glad that you are finally starting to feel better. Just for the record, I think that you look great!!

Here is a question for ladies in or nearing menopause. (I know Carolin, this is not your favourite topic) What do you ladies do to deal with the various symptoms? Do you go the hormone medical route or is there a natural route? Does anything help or do we just need to relax and let Mother Nature do her thing? Do the majority of women experience symptoms? What symptoms are you experiencing Cathy? I have had very irregular and lengthily menstrual periods and they have caused me some problems but the doctor says that I am not showing any signs of menopause as of yet according to my blood work. I have to say that being put on this low dose 'pill' has helped me so much. It took a while to work its magic but all of a sudden I am regular and have a period that is a normal 5 - 7 days long. It is wonderful. I am already moody at times so I am a little afraid to know what changes to expect when I am actually in menopause. I too don't know what symptoms you are talking about, I have noticed nothing. Every thing is as it has been for years.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

These summer weeks are passing by way to fast for my liking. Each day is busy and my house still needs some major cleaning. I did a lot of cleaning the first week that I was off (my closet in particular) and that's where it ended. The day to day cleaning and straightening up keeps me so busy that there is no time for the deep cleaning that really needs to be done. Will I ever catch up or have a house as clean as my mom's always was? I think that this house is too busy to ever really be sparkling clean yet somehow my mom managed to do it all. I wonder will my kids feel that I did it all when they get older and have there own homes to take car of? Clean why bother, I don't know if that is what i want me kids to remember of there childhood summers. I do what i can and don't sweat the other stuff. If someone comes and feels my house isn't clean enough for them then tough don't come back. But on the other hand if they come and have a good time and feel comfortable then that is good.

I am packing once again to spend a few days in Port Stanley at a friends cottage. The Little one and I we are looking forward to it. Laying in the sun on the beach all day, eating ice cream at Broderick's each night. it is always relaxing and fun. See you all when I get back. :)

Enjoy the long weekend!

Happy Birthday to Cathy's Husband from all of us friends and bloggers (also friends).

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  1. Hi CAthy:

    Night sweats and "Chinooks" thus far for me (you should remember what a Chinook haven't been gone that long). I won't get blood work till September (new doctor) but in the meantime I did get a spray from the Rocky Mountain Soap Company, for Hot Flashes. It's all natural and you spray it on your neck when you feel the warmth rising, and it really seems to work. If there aren't any stores in TO, you can order it online. As for the 'flow', I haven't had anything since May, so the appointment in September should be interesting indeed. Oh boy...good times ahead!!!
    Happy Birthday, Hubby!