Friday, October 22, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) I had a great week! My girlfriend, Carol, came to Toronto last week Friday to run in the Toronto Good Life Marathon. She went home yesterday. Carol ran a PB, (personal best) in the marathon. It's amazing to think people can train and psych themselves to run for five hours nonstop. I have so much respect for them. My cousin Chris, was scheduled to run the half marathon, however, he has a foot injury and could not make it. Get well soon, Chris! I learned so much about running marathons this past week. After picking Carol up from the airport we went to the Expo held at the Direct Energy Centre on the EX grounds to pick up her race kit. They had booths set up selling running clothes and energy foods and drinks (yuck!) and books. What's wrong with drinks? They are protein drinks and taste like cardboard or they are so thick and sweet, yuck! Carol kept blogging while she was here so to get the most info and to see pictures please click on the link and read her posts for the past week: Carol and I went to high school together when I was living in Calgary. We have continued to keep in touch over the years. We had such good times in high school and we both love to cook. Actually, this past week I think we spent most of it in grocery stores and the kitchen. I miss her and hope it won't be as many years until we see each other again. (Sunshine) I enjoyed meeting Carol very much and I also have so much admiration for what these runners can accomplish. I have finally finished our book and am ready to talk whenever you girls are ready. This week, well not so much fun for me. I have been in such pain the last few days. Why didn't you call? I sure hope it's starting to feel a little better. I finally got my period on Thursday but my pain in what I think may be my ovaries started on Wednesday, early morning and has not subsided as of yet. I can only function by taking Tylenol every four hours. I finally called the doctor on my way home from work today and the receptionist said if the pain worsens or stays the same go to Emerg. If it subsides, call on Monday and they will squeeze me in for an appointment. She suspects an ovarian cyst. So do the girls at work. I don't really know much about any of that but I have been looking it up since it was mentioned. I know too much information but this is our blog after all and nothing is off limits. (Carolin) The Teenager had a ovarian cyst two summers ago and there was not much that could be done till it burst. From what I understand it is a pimple on your ovary. It is very painful from what I have been told. Hopefully, it burst soon for you Sunshine. I am so glad Carol was able to beat her personal best. Way to go Carol! For me just another week cooking, cooking, cooking. The little one and I did some errands last night and then we stopped at Marble Slab Creamery for some ice cream I had the eggnog ice cream and the little one had chocolate swiss. Yes, they were very good and you were given a generous serving but.... You knew there was going to be a but, didn't you? $14.50 for two ice creams! I think that's a little crazy, so yes it was good but worth $15.00, No, I don't think so. Can't say I will be a regular customer, it's just a little to steep for me.
I have company coming over soon so I must be off. Have a great weekend everyone.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. $15.00 for two ice creams is just stupid! Good or not that just doesn't make sense.