Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Book Review - The Senator's Wife

"The Senator's Wife", by Sue Miller was our second book club book.

We worked our book club differently this time. Carolin found that our library had enough copies for all four of us. We requested the book and had three weeks to read it. We decided to each read the complete book and then discuss it.

(Cathy) Firstly, I have to admit I enjoyed reading this book better than our first book. I prefer to just read the book rather than chop it into sections. It was an easy read. Good for the beach which is how Carolin found out about it. She did a search on her blackberry for good books to read on a vacation and this was one of them. This is probably where we should summarize the book but I'm no good at keeping it short so I'll let one of the other ladies have that pleasure.
(Carolin) This book was an easy, no think book. I have read allot of light fluff beach books and enjoyed some. This one I think was a book that was trying to be serious but didn't make it. Also the more I read the book the less I liked the main character. I totally agree. The main character had many bad qualities. She was selfish. About three chapters into the book she committed what I consider a crime and after that I found I didn't like her at all! This book centered around a young married couple settling into their first home in a nice neighbourhood. They befriend their neighbour who happens to be a retired senator's wife. The story centres on the young wife in the present and flashes back to the history of the senator's wife. It could have been a great story of friendship and growth; instead it was a story of betrayal.

A wonderful librarian once told me give a book 50 pages and after the 50 you still are not enjoying it then don't bother with it anymore there are too many great books out to waste your time on the not so great ones. We are not in school anymore where we have to read boring books (Catcher in the Rye, or remember The old man and the Sea. Oh how I hated that book) so don't waste your time on 'oh hum' books. "The Senator's Wife", is an 'Oh Hum' book. But that's just my opinion.

(Sunshine) I agree with Cathy and Carolin. Don't waste your time with this one. I really didn't like it at all. It could have been so much better and I really don't understand why the writer chose to take this book in the direction that she did. It could have been so much better. It was filled with broken hearts and broken promises and a dream that was just that, a dream, never to be a reality.

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  1. I wonder if broken hearts, borken promises and unfuffilled dreams are reality. If we take a really good look at our lives. Yes some dreams come true, our hearts are not always broken and some promises are not broken. But the reality of life is we experence both. I aswell was not thrilled with the book and did not like the main character perhaps the writer wanted us not to like her.