Friday, October 8, 2010

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) TGIF!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to one and all! It promises to be a beautiful weekend, weather wise. I think I can only remember one Thanksgiving where the weather was grey. It always seems to be a perfect, blue sunny sky with warm temperatures. I wonder is this is our Indian Summer for this year? I hope not!

This week seemed to go on forever. This week was, "the teenagers try our patience" week. Nothing out of the ordinary, really. They are just doing what nature tells them to do at this age ...... rebel! We, as parents know NOTHING! I remember being this age myself, but it doesn't matter. There is no wisdom for dealing with teenage rebellion other than to practice patience. That's what my mom keeps telling us. They are good boys and our issues are nothing to do with drugs, sex, or crime. They are just becoming independent, young men. Isn't this what we as parents strive for? Only, we want them to achieve this OUR way! Hah! What are we thinking???

Besides patience, the next best advice we get is compromise. Our older one compromises easier than our younger one. The younger one is stubborn. As stubbornness runs on both sides of our family, he comes by this trait naturally.

We know nature will take it's course and we can close our bedroom door at night after pulling out our hair and laugh! They both have great friends and do very well in school. So, all in all, not a bad thing. As long as we keep life in perspective and realize we could be dealing with a LOT worse we are ok.

(Carolin) Ha, Ha, Ha, Yes I am laughing cause the only other option is to Kill them! I would type more but I am just too tired. But just so you all know I am now an employer, yes I have employees (more then one).

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