Monday, February 13, 2012

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi everyone! Did I mention last week that Hubby was away for work in Kuala Lumpur this past week? He comes home tomorrow night (Saturday night). It takes him twenty-four hours of travel to get to Malaysia. He took a fifteen hour non-stop flt from here to Hong Kong and then a four hour flight from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur with connection time in between. Hubby really only had three days in Kuala Lumpur for actual work! I hope it was worth it! He texts me that the weather is hot with thirty plus degrees Celsius with ninety percent humidity! As for food, do you remember when he was in South Africa last year and there were no vegetables? Well, this trip he has been eating food I like: spicy Thai, Japanese and to quote Hubby, "lots of fish with eyes!!!" He sure is getting a nice introduction this planet we call home. I wish I was with him!  

So what did I do with my week? Nothing. I am trying to rest my arm so that when I go to the neurologist he will tell me that I do not need surgery. It hurts and does not feel normal, who knew that one little fall on snow would result in all of this? I would really like to start my seeds. I was late last year and with the summer we had my tomatoes did not do well. I am hoping to get my seeds in on time or even a bit early this year. 

Mom came over yesterday and made a big pot of potato, leek soup, yummy! We sat and watched some movies and chatted about all sorts of stuff. It was fun! 

Carolin and Sunshine, I hope you both had a good week. 

Oh hey, I just remembered that it's Valentine's Day next week! What to do, what to do????

Does anyone do anything anymore for Valentine's Day?

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