Friday, January 21, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Another week gone. Christmas is only 49 weeks away, I think!!! (ha, ha, ha). O.K. So what kept me busy this week. Well. Hubby is going away on another business trip. This one to South Africa! I kinda wish I was going with him. It's summer there now. He has to take a laptop as he will be working, (natch!) (What is a Natch) so upon investigation we discovered that South Africa in on 220V. No problem, we have a travel adapter/converter kit. Only it turns out that South Africa is still using a plug originating from England from way back. It's a type L and is not included with most travel adapter kits. I was thinking that with the world cup just having happened that it would not be hard to find the plug. Well, I guess they are all still sold out and have yet to be replenished! After a week of calling around and researching on the Internet I finally found out that the CAA sells them. I would never have thought of them and I was lucky to have read about it on a travel forum. Before leaving work yesterday I asked the manager of the airport travel store and where before I was told they did not have them, lo and behold he had one! Yeah! South Africa sounds very cool. Where exactly is he going. Cathy, I know that it is going to be a tough week for you and your family but you will be extra busy and hopefully it will fly by. Tell hubby to have a safe trip.

That was my week, exciting, eh!
(Carolin)I am on the new laptop I got for Christmas and am finding very, very frustrating. The keyboard is a little different so I press the wrong keys all the time. And then for what ever reason the keyboard does random things. I can't use the question mark cause when I try I get the French E. I thought I had turned off the keyboard shortcuts as they are a pain in the *&% but obviously not.

Carolin, how are things at your home? Duster was a great cat. I always liked him and thought he was very smart. He always looked like he had something important to say. Home is fine, because as it was a family agreed upon decision it is good here. A few times throughout the week I thought I heard him meow. I think about him in the mornings. I guess that is when I would notice him the most. (Sunshine) I heard phantom noises when our dog died too and I would feel him brush against my leg like he always did. I takes a while for that to go away but your pet will always be in your heart.

Kids have exams next week. Already through the first semester, time is flying by much to fast. Let's try to find a Friday night to go out. Just us adults. Let me know what works. Sounds good Cathy, I know that Mr Sunshine is away a lot until the end of March but I will get a date for you. That's all for me. Hope everyone had a good week. We are half way through the school year! The husband and I meet with the little one's teachers and went over her IEP (individual education plan). I also spent some time on the phone with the psychologist that performed her assessment and we discussed what everything meant and what the expectations are for the future. I read a book he recommended about parenting the anxious child. There were a few chapters where you would have thought they had written the chapters while watching our home life. It is the little one to a tee! Anyway, I photocopied a few chapters that were relevant to us for the teachers to read. Hopefully it will help them when understanding and working with the little one. Best of luck with everything that's going on, I know that it will all be fine in the end.

Work was brutal this week. The manager and one of the other girls were both off sick all week. I worked 9 to 10 hours every day this week. It was just me and one other girls and some extra help for a few hours depending on the day. The girls had to bus it on some days and I had help from Mr Sunshine on other days in terms of getting them where they needed to go. Mr Sunshine has a nasty stomach flu virus so it wasn't a great week for him either. I am beat and I was looking forward to relaxing this weekend but I had forgotten that we had already planned my father in law's birthday this Saturday and my sister's birthday this Sunday. I have to go now and get ready for the first round of guests, they will be arriving shortly. I am so happy that next week is exams because I actually have a few days off.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Carolin, Hubby is off to Johanesburg! I hope he has some time to see some sights. As for the keyboard, if when you depress the question mark key, try pushing on the shift/control/function key all at the same time. This should get you off the the international keyboard. These keys are the three in the corner on the lower lefthand side of the keyboard. Let me know if this works!

  2. Ahhh, I type too fast sometimes. I forgot an 'n' in Johannesburg. There now, that's better.

  3. Sunshine, I hope your manager is back to work soon. You have had a very busy time lately. Please tell Mr. Sunshine to feel better soon. I have heard that this years flu takes a long time to get over.

    Well, after 17 hours, Hubby landed in Johannesburg. He said, "Only one movie(huh?), good food and no sleep!" I would have pulled all of my hair out!!!!!