Friday, January 14, 2011

Catch up Fridays

(Sunshine) Sorry for missing last week ladies but time just slipped away. The "Manager" was away all week because she was off sick so that meant starting work at 8:00am and finished at 3:00pm. It was busy and tiring as we were short staffed all week but we made it. I was so happy to have Friday finally arrive. My sister's mother-in-law unfortunately passed away on the Thursday so we had the funeral to attend on the Friday and Saturday. I spoke to my dad on Thursday evening and he was a little bit under the weather but still insistent on going to the funeral the next two days. When I spoke to him on Friday evening he was so much worse. He was very disoriented and didn't know what time of day it was. It was 8:00 in the evening and he thought that it was 8:00am. After some probing, I learned that he had not been out of bed for over two days. He had not even had anything to eat or drink in that time period. My sister was on her way to visit with him and I asked her to bring him over to my house. He looked horrible. He could barely stand and he was clearly wheezing when he breathed and his cough sounded awful. Well, off to the walk in clinic on Saturday and the doctor said that we got him there just in time. He said that he had a very severe bronchitis and if one more day would have passed then he would surely have pneumonia. He is on strong antibiotics and two puffers. He didn't argue when I told him that he had to stay with us for the week or so because he was really sick. So its been a very busy week. Everyone took shifts to stay with him during the day while I was at work and then I was on shift for the rest of the day. I am happy to report that 6 days later he is doing much better. We will take him back to the doctor on Saturday, as per doctors orders and see how he is doing. (Carolin) Wow what a week. I am glad to hear your Dad is getting better and I am sorry to hear about your sister's mother in law. (Cathy) I'm glad your dad is feeling better. Please pass on our condolences to your sister. You had such a busy week. I was just home sick with the flu. The real flu! I haven't had the flu in years and I forgot just how sick you can get with it. Did anyone get the flu shot this year and have you in years past. I'm inclined not to get it just yet as I am still not convinced about having stuff injected into me every year.

Well a decision was made in our family. The whole family has agreed that Duster (the cat) will be going to the human society to be put down this Saturday morning. At this time nobody will be coming with me. It is going to be a hard weekend for all of us. I found I was choking up when I called to make the appointment. The little one has been taking photos and videos of Duster all week long. Oh Carolin, this is just so sad. I remember how it was when we had our dog Tiffany put down. I think about it often. Duster was lucky to have you all for family. I really liked Duster, too and I will miss him.

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and I look forward to seeing everyone soon. I thing that I need to catch up on all of my phone calls and e-mails and text messages this weekend.

God Bless.


  1. Cathy I hope that you are feeling much better now. With regards to the flu shot, no one in my family has had it for years now. The last time that we all got it was about 4 years ago and although I know that the flu shot does not cause the flu, that was the worst year for our family with regards to the flu. We were all so sick all year long. My dad said that he got his flu shot 3 weeks a go.

  2. Carolin, I am so sorry to hear about buster, our thought are with you and your family.