Friday, December 18, 2009

Thursdays on the Bench

(Carolin) Well another Thursday comes and where is Cathy to do all the work? Cathy, Catttthhhhyyyyy, Cathy are you out there? What has happened to our beloved Cathy?

I guess we will just have to talk about her since she is AWOL!

How is the Christmas shopping, wrapping, baking, list making coming along? I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed. I have had a busy work week. I did a hot food special everyday. It was great for my bottom line but was a lot of work prepping every night. But I think it gave me a good indication that I should do something different everyday to help with sales. Over the Christmas break I will work on a menu. I also have to prepare a year end report to give to the Principal. He has a board meeting the second week of January and has to present numbers then. He has mentioned having me at the meeting to answer questions and I hope at that time to get some better idea of a time frame for the new kitchen and I really want them to initiate a contract. If they don't I will head over to the lawyers and get one made up.

I went to the little ones Christmas Concert last night. The little kindergarten kids are always so cute, surprising it was not bad. They kept it moving and besides all the choirs at the end it was entertaining. It was nice to see the little one is a pretty dress for a change. On our way home we picked the teenager up from her work. And meet some of the men who go to the pool regularly for the adult swim. They kept telling me just how great she is. And the have all told her supervisor how friendly, and helpful she is. It was very nice and I hope she remembers those compliments on the days when things are not so great.

Well that's about it for me I am looking forward to having the next two weeks off and getting my house organized. We have our small group coming for a Turkey dinner tomorrow night so I need to get my turkey in the brine tonight. Thankfully I am just cooking the turkey and stuffing they are bringing the rest.

(Sunshine) I am officially off for the holidays. The Christmas shopping that I have done is non existent. I have not bought for a single person yet. I finally decorated the inside of my house yesterday. It is not as much as I usually do but there was limited time to do so. After school I picked up Little Miss Sunshine, went to Cathy's house to deliver some last minute cookies from the cookie exchange. I had not even entered Cathy's house when Teen Sunshine called and needed to be picked up. We said good buy and off we were again. By the time we got home it was about 5:15. I made dinner, had dinner and headed of to the school with the two girls to help with the helping hands drive. I got home at about 9:oo and that's when we decorated. At about 11:30 I was too tired and Little Miss Sunshine and I went to bed. Mr Sunshine and I have been like two ships that pass in the night. He has been very busy and in and out of town and I have been busy with work and the kids and everything else. I can't believe that Christmas is next week. It is time to relax and enjoy the holidays but, already my days are all packed with things to do and people that I am catching up with. I have a friend coming in from Calgary and another from England who I will be meeting up with during the holidays.

The family room is at a stand still as Mr Sunshine has been really busy at work. Will it be ready for New Years????????????

I am going to relax a bit now before my busy day starts. I have a hair appointment at 12:00 and then the girls get picked up and we have to go to the mall to get two birthday gifts and then they have a birthday party to go to. I really should clean instead of relaxing.

Talk to you soon.

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  1. Oops! Sorry all, I plum forgot! It's a busy time for one and all and I thank Carolin for picking up the ball for me!

    So, the kids are off school and getting excited. I'm all ready for Christmas except for some last minute grocery shopping. I still need to buy the beef to make 'rouladen' for Christmas Eve. We are off to my folks tonight to decorate their tree and celebrate my sister's birthday. Our younger son is presently at the pool doing his exam for the Bronze Medallion, keep your fingers crossed!
    Have a good weekend everyone!