Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thursdays on the Bench

(Cathy)Hi all, I hope everyone had a good week. Let's see, what's new for this week? It's December and still no snow here. I'm good with no snow till Christmas morning. I would like to wake up Christmas morning with a blanket of white. I still have flowers blooming in my garden! I did receive my first seed catalogue in the mail two days ago. It's neat to start planning planting for next spring when I still have blooming plants in the garden.

My cousin is flying down to Jamaica to participate in the Reggae Run in Negril. He is running to raise money for the Canadian Diabetes Society. His dad, my uncle, passed away from the disease a year ago. I know he will do great!

I finally received from the library, "The Book of Negros", by Lawrence Hill. Some of you might remember that Carolin blogged about this book a few months ago. I am about a quarter of the way through and it is great! From what I have read so far I highly recommend this book.

Is anyone out in blog land on a gluten-free diet? My sister and nephew are trying an elimination diet to try to clear up their eczema. They have already tried eliminating all dairy, but no change. We are hoping they will have success with the gluten free diet. The only thing is, now that it's Christmas time and we are baking..... I have been researching gluten free cookies. If anyone has any cookies that they have tried or the name of a gluten free flour that they like, please let me know; thanks. (Carolin) I know there is gluten free stuff but I have heard they don't taste to good. As a life long suffer of eczema. For me the biggest stresses is perfumes. Scented anything, I try to buy unscented laundry detergent, I don't use fabric softener, no house hold candles or those glad plug in things. We have a water softener that helps and especially this time of year lots of moisturiser. The only soaps I can use that are affordable are pears (but is very hard to find now) and I have been using the dove baby wash that is not too bad. I had to use it for the little one when she was younger and the classroom would have the kids wash their hands a few times a day. When she used the school industrial soap she would have red chapped hands. Another biggie for me is touching raw vegetables and fruits. Things like oranges and carrots are big no-nos. Someone else in my family has to peel them or I try to wear gloves when I have to peel. Is it an allergy to the surface of the raw fruits and veggies? I never had an allergy problem before. The last 2 years or so I have developed some allergies. Yes to the touch and if I eat them raw mouth will swell up. But fruit and vegetables cooked are fine.

We caught on TV last night the last hour of the movie, "Christmas Vacation". That movie is so funny! I have never seen all of it, in fact I don't think I have ever seen the beginning of it. We have that movie borrowed from the library right now, but just haven't had a chance watch it yet. I really like that movie. However, every Christmas season I always manage to see the last hour. The radio stations are playing Christmas music and just today our satellite provider has on a station with nonstop, commercial free Christmas music with the fireplace as a background, very nice.

Well this has been a crazy week and I really need to get to bed. I am in the final count down to the little ones school annual Christmas Breakfast. As the others ladies know by now I totally freak out over this breakfast.( you, freak out, never... :)! ) This year is worse as I am not at home during the day to get stuff done. I am staying at the school tomorrow afternoon (early dismissal for parent teacher interviews) so I can cook 13 dozen muffins (all from scratch because I am a fool). The sausage is done, which reminds me I should take it out of the freezer tomorrow morning and put it in the fridge. The bacon is done, the tickets printed and being sold, the lootbags are stuffed, the door prizes wrapped ( I cut down this year and only have 35 door prizes). I will go shopping on Friday to buy the eggs (30 dozen) and all the fresh fruit. I did try to get some parent volunteers to come on Friday an hour before school is out to help cut the fruit and put it on the trays. But to no avail. So I guess that will be me, again. I think this is the part that frustrates me as there is no one to help me. I have some time early Friday night. I have put up a teacher/ volunteer sign up sheet in the staff lounge a few weeks ago. When I went to check on it on Friday it was gone, I assumed the VP had taken it for her morning staff meeting. Then today I find out she thought I had taken it. So someone, who knows who, has taken down the sheet and we now have no teacher volunteers signed up! Yesterday morning I get this along with more things to follow up on, which in the past had never been my responsibility,things like asking the church to use their chaffing dishes, making sure the gym has been reserved for Friday afternoon set up. I end up getting in a tiff with the High School VP over the gym, finally I walk away thinking this is not worth it! Take a deep breath. I can help you. Just say the word.

Tonight when we got home from church and I started making another 70 cupcakes my husband says maybe next year I should consider holding the World Vision fundraiser till after the breakfast as I am about to lose my mind! I think I need to go to bed now as I have to head to the bakery for 6:30 am to pick up bagels. I can't wait for this week to be over :(.

Oh ya, I have two interviews tomorrow with music and french teachers for the little one. We have the younger one's interview tonight. Both subjects she is failing, surprise. I had each of them corner me in the office today asking me what can be done about the little one's mark. How am I supposed to know? First of all her talent is in visual arts not music, she has very limited short term memory. And if you stand in front of the class talking and talking in a language she doesn't know of course she will tune you out. Now don't get me wrong, I think a second language is great, but if you are struggling to speak your mother tongue what is the use with another one? And music is great (the teenager is proof of that) but music appreciation would be nice. Let's teach them all kinds of music and how to express themselves through music instead of memorizing notes and playing the awful recorder! And what about the concept of combining music with visual arts, letting the kids express how the music makes them feel, and what they see when they hear a particular piece of music? I'm just saying; now, good night all. I hope that you can find some time for yourself around the Christmas break. You have done an amazing job but you need a break.

Its been a busy week. I had Little Miss Sunshine's interview tonight after school She has the same teacher that she had in grade 2 and she really likes him. The little one had the same teacher for grade two and three it is nice when that happens cause they all ready know the kid and family. I am familiar with his style, so no surprises. Soccer takes up 1 week night evening and the games are on the weekend. Teen Sunshine has a part in another play so she is busy once again with rehearsals after school. (yea for Teen Sunshine!) Mr Sunshine has been travelling a lot lately. I don't think that he has been in town a full week for a long time now. He is always flying somewhere. The family room needs so much work and I feel as though we are running out of time. I was so hoping to have it ready for the end of the year, but I don't know if that will happen. I am busy with work and the kids and anything related to the house. I have not even started my Christmas shopping yet and I have no idea what kind of cookies I will do for the cookie exchange. Me either, I am leaning towards a Voortmen Green and Red sugar cookie. They are my favourite. Once I figure that out, I have to find the time to make them and figure out how to present them. Don't get me wrong, I actually do enjoy all of this. I am just making a list for myself of what needs to be done. The house seems to be a constant mess and when I am not working or sleeping I seem to always be cleaning. I miss my friends as I feel as though I never see them anymore. The best part of the cookie exchange will be getting together that night. I really would like for us to get back to a monthly schedule for next year. It's hard to believe that a year has gone buy without a single ladies night. We need to do better next year. IT will also be great to see all of our family. Last week we got together with my side of the family and it was a lot of fun. We had Mr. Sunshine's family over at the end of November and it was great to see them too. I am so looking forward to the Christmas break!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's me again, I found the greatest cookie bags at, "Dollarama", lol. Just had to pass that along!

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